Rc Tanks

RC tanks are the ideal toys you need to give your backyard war games a realistic appearance. As far as war toys are concerned, RC tanks are right at the top of the list along with RC jets. Unlike RC jets though, RC tanks are not too big or noisy to use in a small, or even enclosed, area as they are relatively smaller in size, and not to mention, slower and easier to maneuver and control.

Radio controlled toys found their way into the world after Tesla demonstrated it's first-ever usage in a public demonstration of an RC boat in Madison Square Garden. Since then, with the advancements in technology, radio control has slowly made its way into the toy industry and also into other fields such as space research, medicine, manufacturing and even the military. Radio controlled weapons are a popular choice with most armed forces while radio controlled vehicles are also widely used in aerial surveillance as well as in war games.

So you would like to make your very own war game more exciting? Well, then you can harness the power and stability of the most feared RC military vehicle of them all, the RC tank. These tanks are usually replicas of real-life models that are, or were, used by the armies across the world. Not only are they perfect scale models of their bigger cousins, they are also replicas in terms of performance and capabilities.

You can go to your nearest toy store and pick up any RC tank off the shelves and it will be almost as good as the real thing. As with all RC toys, you will have the option of selecting an electric RC toy or a gas-powered RC tank. Electric RC tanks are mostly toys that are powered by an electric motor and batteries. They have a smaller range in terms of the radio coverage area and are ideal for a backyard battlefield. You can just pull them out of the box and they are ready to run, without any major construction.

However, if you are someone who is looking for a more advanced hobby mode with RC tanks, then you need to look for a model store that houses RC kits of model tanks, kits that you can build in your own garage, using tools that you own. These tanks models come with detailed instructions and can be electric or gas powered, depending on your choice of engine. They are more powerful than the off-the-shelf versions and are bigger in size.

If you plan to be a bit more adventurous, you can just get all the required parts and start construction with the many plans that are available in books, stores and even on the Internet. RC tanks performance depends heavily on the model you select, and their size. The bigger models generally have more firepower, but are slower around the battlefield. Smaller tanks are more agile on their feet (or tracks) but deliver a lesser blow. For beginners at building RC tank models, it is recommended that you go in for a model with a large hull so as to be able to fit all the equipment with ease.

Once you have your model selected and are ready to build, you need to make some choices. The main ones generally relate to your wheels wherein you need to determine the size of the wheels as compared to the size of the model, and then decide on the number of wheels your tank will have. Then, it is the time to choose the power station that drives your RC tank. Due to the weight of the model, you need to ensure that your motor can drive the model without burning itself out. RC tanks generally require a constantly running motor due to the intensity of the battle; as a result the motor should be able to withstand longer running periods with heavier bodies.

The tracks of your RC tank determine the agility of your model and so, it is vital to choose the right equipment. Although perfection comes with experience, it is advisable to use two bicycle chains as the base for each track. In ready-made models, these tracks come pre-fitted however, when building your own model, you have the freedom to use material and parts that are stronger or lighter, depending on your requirements. Normally, bicycle chains connected via a wooden track are the simplest and quickest build. However, the chains can derail easily, making them a poor choice especially if the terrain is hard.

Tracks are available in many other materials such as chains, plastics and even molded mass products. However, each version has its benefits and drawbacks that relate to their weight, effectiveness, strength and even affordability.

Controlling the speed of your RC tank is never a major issue although the parts that go into building up that speed are. There are again, numerous options that range from simple to extremely complex mechanisms that help your tank keep moving. However, the main things to remember while picking a speed controller are the reliability of the controller, the practical value, i.e. whether the speed ranges will be effective in battle or not; the interference with the radio signal and even the power surges that can burn out the fuses on your RC tank model.

If you are raring to go into battle but are not happy that the tank doesn?t shoot anything, then you can always replace the turret with your very own paintball gun. Detailed instructions are available, from many sources, which guide you towards adding a paintball gun to your RC tank model.

Once you have your model ready, it is time to look for a battlefield to give it the ultimate test. There are many RC tank clubs that gather at specific locations to run their tanks as well as participate in battles. These battles have numerous rules that have been laid out by each club and allow participants to unleash their RC tanks on other contenders.

For more peaceful fans, you can always head down to a park or just your backyard and give your tank a run around. Building the tank can be as much fun as running it, and can also provide some quality time spent with the children. So all you need to do is get your hands on a model, build it and run outside to conquer the world with your RC tank.

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