Team Magic

Team Magic is one of the largest manufacturers of RC cars and their accessories across the globe. At the cutting edge of technology, Team Magic products are rated quite highly for their style and quality and are ideal for users of all ages and experience levels. Incredible detail in design has been one of the trademark qualities that have made Team Magic a household name amongst hobbyists.

When it comes to RC cars, Team Magic has everything under their umbrella at an extremely affordable rate. A key characteristic at Team Magic has always been the fact that each and every member of their company is an avid RC hobbyist her/himself. This ensures that every step of the way, all Team Magic employees are looking to ensure that they take things to the next level.

Filled with end-consumers themselves, Team Magic ensures that their products are always exciting and are constantly under research and development. They have a product for every single consumer, whether you are a newcomer who is just setting foot into the world of RC cars or someone who is looking to upgrade your car's engine, then Team Magic has everything that is needed under one roof.

Models like the B8RS Buggy have been built to perform at the highest levels of excellence. The model is known to be almost unbeatable on the race track with incredible precision that comes from combining various building materials like Aluminum, Rubber and Steel, along with composite materials that gel incredibly well together to create a world class race car.

With state of the art electronics equipment, Team Magic's B8RS Buggy has been the object of desire for many a professional hobbyist. Almost all Team Magic models are built for performance although there are many models that are aimed at novices to the world of RC cars, which also incorporate the same technological advantages.

When it comes to spares and accessories, Team Magic are also known for their quality and reliability as well as ease of use.

For Team Magic, it has meant just one thing - combining speed, strength and extreme reliability to create an incredible range of products that are coveted by people across the world. So the next time you want to beat your friends or win that local competition, then you had better turn up for it with a Team Magic monster machine under your arms.

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