Rc Infrared Battle Tanks

RC infrared battle tanks are one of the most exciting features to have been introduced to the world of radio controlled toys. These RC infrared battle tanks have changed the way the world looks at the world of radio controlled competitions, especially battles between two individuals or teams. Picking up from the point where teams battle against each other in sports like paint-balling, RC infrared battle tanks have brought it into the radio controlled arena.

There is nothing truly special about RC infrared battle tanks. They are built exactly like normal RC tanks and have all the same parts and features, except one addition. The addition is relatively minor and definitely superficial, but it changes the way these tanks can be, and are, used.

The addition is that of an infrared gun turret as the RC tank's main gun as well as the addition of small infrared sensors all over the tank's body. The idea of these sensors is to act as indicators of "hits" on RC infrared battle tanks.

This format is used primarily in competition when there are two individuals pitting their tanks against each other. These competitions can also be group combat scenarios that make fighting more intense and interesting. The concept is, as before, quite clear and simple. You simply have to point your RC infrared battle tanks' gun turret towards your "enemy's" RC infrared battle tank(s) and shoot. When your tank scores a direct hit, i.e. your tank's infrared rays hit the sensor on the opposition's tank you get a hit. The tank to get all sensors lit up, or switched off, loses! This way, the radio controlled tank hobby can be turned into something that is extremely lifelike, with strategies and a whole lot of fun and excitement.

There are plenty of clubs who organize such competitions. There is plenty of drama even if you aren't playing out there. Simply watching others have a go at each other, running their RC infrared battle tanks through obstacles and trying to get the better of their opposition is great fun.

If you thought that RC battle tanks were cool, then wait till you get into the world of RC infrared battle tanks.

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