Rc Abrams Tank

The RC Abrams tank is a small-scale replica of the US Army's massive juggernaut, by the same name. At the radio controlled level, the difference isn't much. The RC Abrams tank is, in all scales, a formidable model amongst its peers, creating an imposing figure at all times. Whether you are looking for Ready-to-Run (RTR) models or models that you build from scratch, there is nothing more exciting than building a fantastic RC Abrams tank and running it.

In the world of radio controlled toys, war-based models are one of the most popular. Amongst these, there is a special place for all those who are interested in tanks. And if it is tanks that you love, then the RC Abrams tank model will surely be right up there on your list of incredible models.

The average RC Abrams tank is no different than any other RC tank. Whether you pick an RTR model or build one from a kit, there is little difference in the features you get from your RC Abrams tank.

Almost all RC Abrams tank models will come with a few basic features that include - realistic movement (forward, reverse, left, right & rotation), gun turret rotation and rubber caterpillar treads. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get an infra-red beam shooting main-gun turret, recoil-motion on gun, infrared hit-sensor (that renders tanks motionless when hit by a beam), painted driver figures & machine guns, all-wheel suspension and much more.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your RC Abrams tank, you can find anything between a regular toy (or model) bought off the shelf at any store to something that is customized with special features and abilities.

If you are not interested in the plastic models, then you can buy a die-cast version as well. In their larger sizes, these models come laden with a lot more detail and definitely a lot more realism. However, the main reason for purchasing the RC Abrams tank, for most hobbyists, is its aura in the present-day military.

Although not as popular as some of the German World War II tanks, the RC Abrams tank model has its own fan following that doles over its power, performance and the fear it generates in its enemies. The Abrams is one of the world's best tanks, in the modern scenario, and if you are someone who loves war-machines, then the RC Abrams tank is definitely a must-have.

Whether you are someone who likes to place them on the shelf or roughs it out on treacherous terrain, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the power and performance of the RC Abrams tank.

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