Rc Tank With Camera

An RC tank with camera is a unique twist to the regular way of running your radio controlled tank. While many people have experimented with RC tanks to create innovative uses of RC technology, the RC tank with camera is just another experimentation that leads to some fun and exciting times. Whether used in gaming or simply as a means of having fun at home, these RC tanks, with cameras, are something that everyone needs to experience at some point of time.

There are many applications for RC tanks with cameras, especially in the world of RC tank battles and these cameras really bring an element of intrigue into the whole arena. The most incredible use of these RC tanks, with cameras, is night-battles as well as battles where you stand at an elevated platform with the entire battlefield sprawled out in front of you.

In the elevated-platform bit, all the controllers, i.e. you and your team-mates/competitors, stand on an elevated platform to view the entire battlefield. These battlefields have small realistic terrains, with obstacles and models placed all over to create the right kind of effect. In such cases, where you want contestants to have a good view of the battlefield, you need to place them on elevated platforms.

However, aiming and targeting an enemy tank with the Infra-Red gun, from such a raised platform, may be slightly tedious. The best way to aim, in such cases, is through an electronic sight or through the view provided to you, by the camera, placed on the RC tank's gun turret. The RC tank, with camera, will give you the view that the turret sees, thus allowing you to aim with accuracy in the heat of the battle.

This means that you have to use your vision on the entire battlefield for a general view of the action while maintaining an eye on the screen for a precise view of your line of sight. Not only does your RC tank with camera give you the direct view of an opponent, it also tells you of what you should be doing, in terms of evading fire.

In other cases, an RC tank, with camera, can be used to run across a variety of terrains, each time giving you a wonderful view of how it would be to sit in a tank and drive it across a terrain. The view from the driver's seat, the commander's seat or the other parts of the tank are absolutely fantastic and look no different from when the you put a camera onto a real tank.

Getting an RC tank with camera isn't something that you go for, when buying a model. However, making slight modifications so as to attach a camera to the turret or some other part of the tank is something that we've all, probably, wondered about at some point of time or other. Whether you choose a tethered camera that runs a cable all the way back to your display screen or just have a wireless model in place, you are guaranteed to give your hobby a new lease of life with these wonderful RC tanks with cameras.

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