Rc Leopard

The RC Leopard tank is a popular RC toy built after the Leopard tank, which was used by the German army. Introduced into service in 1965, the Leopard tank soon became the main battle tank for many countries around the world. But the Leopard II soon replaced the Leopard tank, taking its position as main battle tank in the German army. You can find RC Leopard II as well as RC Leopard tanks today, used by many enthusiasts in Cold War games and other battle games.

Of the two varieties the RC Leopard II tank is much more popular as it is still the main battle tank in the German army. Some other countries that still use the tank include, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Austria. Matching its original in great detail, the RC Leopard II tank comes with a wide number of features such as, forward and reverse movement, sharp turns, turret rotation, cannon recoil, complete with sound and smoke, movable parts and a fully functional suspension. Features are dependent on the manufacturer and you will need to browse through the different versions provided by each.

If you are looking for something that can go over all kinds of terrain and behave exactly like a real-life leopard tank would, then you need to pick an RC leopard tank as your radio controlled model of choice. You can pick from a variety of colours and sizes and if you go in for a model kit, you can even colour it like you want it to.

Depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend on your RC leopard tank, you can find models that are more than just moving vehicles. Your RC leopard tank can come with realistic sound as well as machine gun and main gun turret firing noises. You can also get metallic shockers, wheels and a metallic track, instead of the usual resin version, for a few extra bucks.

Such features add miles to the realism of your RC leopard tank and can make a world of difference irrespective of what you would like to build your tank for.

There are those who enjoy the building process and if tanks are your favourite, you can go in for the RC leopard model kit. If you are more interested in the running bit, then you can go in for a Ready-to-Run (RTR) model or even an almost RTR version that can get you out there, and running, quicker than everything else.

However, you will need to remember that for a greater degree of realism, it is best to go in for a model kit as there are more moving parts, just like that in a real tank.

If you are looking for a smart addition to your collection of RC tanks, then the RC leopard is a wonderful addition. Beautiful to look at and immensely popular with people of all ages, you will never regret buying an RC leopard tank.

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