Amphibious Rc Tank

An amphibious RC tank is one of the most interesting toys or models that we can buy today. Combining the magnificence of a wonderful RC tank with the capabilities of an amphibious vehicle, these amphibious RC tanks allow you to explore a new way of running RC models. While those who are familiar with RC hovercrafts would find themselves at home, you can get quite a surprise with these wonderful amphibious RC tanks.

The most incredible part of pursuing an RC hobby is the amount of excitement and fun you get out of it. With amphibious RC tank models, that excitement and fun multiplies exponentially. Combining the ability of an RC boat with that of an RC tank, the model has the unique ability to be a tank that can fight on both land and water.

When looking to buy an amphibious RC tank, there are few things you need to keep in mind. The first thing is the make. Most toy-grade models are made in plastic and have all plastic or rubber parts. These tanks are, clearly, not of very high quality and can even contain elements that are harmful to children, such as lead-based paints. However, if you buy your amphibious RC tank from a reputed manufacturer, then the chances of such a mistake are fewer.

Since there are hardly any real-life amphibious RC tanks, you may not find anything to scale of something you might have seen. One incredible version, though, is the amphibious RC tank model from Danbar Toys. This tank comes with a unique design, with four wheels, instead of caterpillar tracks. When the model hits the water, the wheels immediately pull up into cavities created on the top-side. In the blink of an eye, the tank converts itself into an RC boat.

The best part about this tank is that when it is running on land, those cavities can be used to carry items such as bottles or cans.

There are plenty of tanks based on these kinds of techniques however the majority of amphibious RC tanks are built like hovercrafts. They have the top-side of a tank and, in most cases, have a BB gun in the turret's place. This allows for some action on the tank battle-front.

Speaking of tank battles, these amphibious RC tanks add a fantastic new feature to the world of RC tanks by adding water to the equation. Battling on land is nothing compared to battling on land and water, with the flow of the water adding a whole new dimension to the fantastic concept of RC tank wars.

Whether you pick a model where the wheels fold up or one that is constantly amphibious like a hovercraft, you will find something new in the world of amphibious RC tanks. If you happen to feel adventurous and your instincts are pushing you towards trying out a new line of RC models, then give a shot to these fantastic amphibious RC tanks.

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