1:6 Scale Rc Tank

The 1:6 scale RC tank is one of the larger forms of RC tanks and is certainly a sight to behold! One of the most powerful and impressive models on the market, these 1:6 scale RC tanks hang near the top of the ladder when it comes to RC models. Fantastic design and high quality manufacturing ensure that you get the best quality because in the world of 1:6 scale RC tanks, anything less would be simply unacceptable.

There is something special about these 1:6 scale RC tanks and when you walk into a store, you can just feel the aura it has about it. When you look at a 1:6 scale RC tank, the size of the model is the first thing that takes your breath away.

Then comes the design bit - something that is almost unbelievable in the world of RC models. The most popular 1:6 scale RC tanks are ones that replicate the beasts from the Second World War. Models like the Sherman, the Panzer or the Tiger tanks are, today, infinitely more popular than the modern day Abrams or the Russian T-series of tanks.

Almost all 1:6 scale RC tank models come in kit-format. This means that you will have to build your RC tank from scratch whether you like it or not. The alternative would be to get someone to build it for you. You can find other hobbyists, hobby store employees or club owners who would be more than happy to get your 1:6 scale RC tank model up and running for you.

When you get into this size of modelling, the format of the engine changes and even though you still have the convenience of an electric motor, if you choose, you will find that there aren't too many models that come with those fitments mainly because of the size of the model. To ensure that your 1:6 scale RC tank runs smoothly and performs adequately, you will need something more and that is where gasoline and glow engines come in.

There are plenty of websites and forums where you can find out a lot of information that will help you buy, build, run and maintain your 1:6 scale RC tanks. In every case, you will be more than happy to know that it isn't something that requires any special degree of skill or expertise. All you need is a love for the model and you'll have more fun than you can imagine with these beautiful 1:6 scale RC tanks.

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