Rc Tank Combat

RC tank combat has become an incredible way of transforming those childhood-days into war-like combat. Without any of the damage and bloodshed, these RC tank combat games are not just being played in backyards today, but also in competitions all over the world. With tanks and people of all sizes and ages, respectively, coming in for some action, there is no doubt that RC tank combat is the way for the future.

The first thing to understand, about RC tank combat, is the tank itself. These aren't special tanks, just regular tanks with special fittings. These RC tanks have two things that aren't available in normal tanks - a special gun turret and a sensor.

The idea behind the special gun and sensor is that the gun fires a beam of infra-red light while the sensor detects such beams of infra-red light. The RC tank combat formula simulates a real battle between two or more tanks. The gun turret acts like a regular weapon, firing infra-red beams instead of real-bullets or weapons. When these beams hit the sensor placed on the tank, they register a "hit". When the sensor detects a hit, it either shuts the tank's motor for a few seconds or creates an added resistance to slow it down. This affects the overall movement of the tank, just as a regular tank's would, after being hit.

This ensures that the hobby of RC tanks becomes something much more than merely child's play.

In competitions, RC tank combat is taken to a whole new level with individuals and teams taking each other on in fierce combat. Teams are divided and set into different categories, depending on the kind of tanks they have. These teams can be created, randomly, amongst people who are at the venue as well.

Depending on the competition's format, there may be one or more forms of playing areas with different kinds of obstacles, hiding spaces and much more. There are special categories of scoring but these depend completely on the competition's format and nothing more.

If you are someone who is in love with RC tanks and wants to get the most out of their hobby, then there is no doubt that RC tank combat is the way to go. The thrill of the chase, the rush of shooting down an opponent or even the honour of winning the war, everything is fair when it comes to down to RC tank combat.

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