Little Tikes Doll House

Little Tikes Place

A Little Tikes doll house is an affordable and stylish option for people looking to get doll houses on a limited budget. The first Little Tikes doll house, ‘Little Tikes Place', was released in 1989, and it contained everything from a family of 4, a white dog as well as furniture, such as yellow chairs and even a garbage can. From then on, Little Tikes has launched several doll houses, with the Classic Doll house being the most recent favourite Little Tikes doll house.

Little Tikes Grand Mansion Doll House

Another popular Little Tikes doll house was the Little Tikes Grand Mansion doll house, a large doll house which was quite popular when it was released. Little Tikes also manufactured a large variety of Grand Mansion sets, which included family, dining room sets, bedroom sets, children's bedroom sets and a living room set. All this had to be bought separately as the doll house was not furnished.

Despite their popularity, Little Tikes discontinued production of their doll houses in 1997, with only the Classic Doll house remaining in their doll house collection. This beautiful Victorian doll house stands at 38.5'' in height and is 37'' wide. Appropriate for kids over the age of 2, the Classic doll house can easily accommodate 12'' dolls, mainly due to its high ceilings. It consists of two stories and is made entirely out of plastic.

The point to note with the Classic doll house is that no furniture or dolls are included with the doll house. While this may explain the low price, you need to consider what buying doll house furniture will cost you, as compared to buy a furnished doll house, and then make a decision. In most cases, the overall cost of the doll house will come down to a large extent if you can build some of your own doll house furniture.

A Little Tikes doll house is best for heavy play, as the sturdy doll house is well built. If you do not want to opt for the Classic doll house, then another option by Little Tikes is the 2-in-1 Dollhouse Playhouse. In this Little Tikes product, the dollhouse is connected to a playhouse, and it can also be removed or disconnected from the playhouse and kept separately. The doll house contains a fold-out whirlpool tub as well as a drawer, which can be used for storage.

This doll house is also Victorian in style, and contains a lot of floral detailing on the exterior. A unique feature of the doll house is the large front porch that comes with the product. Of course your kid could also spend hours playing in the playhouse, when she is done with a doll house for awhile. It might not have a lot of variety to choose from, or any furniture to begin with, but a Little Tikes doll house can still make a great gift for any kid.

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