Wooden Doll Houses

Wooden doll houses come in all sizes and costs, and if you are looking to build one, then there are multiple ways to choose from as well. In fact, this popular hobby goes back quite late into history, with wooden doll houses being discovered in Egyptian tombs, belonging to the Old Kingdom, about 5000 years back. Later on, wooden doll houses became popular as baby houses, in the 16th century, known for their exquisite detailing.

Whether you plan to collect wooden doll houses or build one of your own, a little research will help you go a long way in making the right decision. Now if you plan to acquire a wooden doll house, then you need to choose from buying a wooden doll house, making one from a doll house kit or building a wooden doll house from scratch. Novice builders should opt to build wooden doll houses from kits, as they will require minimal experience to successfully use them to build a doll house.

How to build wooden doll houses

In case you wish to build a wooden doll house from scratch you will need to first collect a items, such as wood, nails, hammer, a saw, wallpaper, doll house lights and other accessories that you would wish to put inside the house. Before you can start building you need to decide the style of your house. Download and print out a few doll house plans from the internet, which you like and will be comfortable making.

Follow the instructions provided with the plans to cut out the wood into the required pieces, and assemble them. Make sure you cut out room for windows and doors, with windows made of thin sheets of plastic. If you are experienced with woodwork, you can add slightly more complicated items such as a staircase or a fireplace into the doll house. Make sure you are careful while using the nails, and keep small children and pets away from tools.

Once the doll house has been assembled, you will need to add the dollhouse wall paper into it, as well as the lights. You will need some experience with electrical work in order to successfully install doll house lights. Do not attempt to work with electrical points if you do not know what you are doing.

Wooden doll houses can be of any style or size, though standard scales include 1:12 and 1:18. You can spend hours decorating and accessorizing your doll house, with no limits to the number or type of items that you can put in. Go through a few doll houses on the Internet, or from books such as Design and Build your own Doll's House, by Michal Morse, How to Build a Real Doll House, by M. B. Manovill and P Wilson and How to Build Doll Houses and Furniture, by Donald R. Brann. With a little experience and patience you will soon become an expert at designing and building wooden doll houses.

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