Wood Doll House

Wood doll houses are amongst the most popular kinds of doll houses available today. Whether you are looking to make these doll houses or just collect them and add them to your collection, wood doll houses are always a fun hobby to be involved in. Intricate in design and expansive in variety, these wood doll houses are probably one of the most satisfying hobbies you can pursue.

There are two ways to go behind wood doll houses, when considering their inclusion as part of your hobby. The first is to make these wood doll houses in your own home, with your own hands, putting every part together with your own hands. The other alternative is to buy readymade wooden doll houses manufactured commercially or by individual manufacturers.

For the first aspect of this hobby, you will need to buy the requisite materials required to plan and build your own wood doll house. To buy the right amount of materials, start by creating your own plan for the wood doll house. Once you have the plan and the dimensions, you will have a strong idea of how much material you will need to put it all together. It is always a good idea to get a little bit extra, especially if it is your first time, to cover for mistakes.

Although you are free to pick any kind of wood for these wood doll houses, you are better off picking oak or plywood for your first attempt. These are easy to handle and are moderately expensive without ruining the wooden look of your doll house. MDF is another format of boards that are wood-based and can be moulded to take shape extremely easily.

You will also require some other basic tools such as different kinds of saws, scissors, glue, wallpaper, paints and brushes. These tools are constant irrespective of your choice of construction mode, i.e. with materials purchased on your own or those that come within kits.

Building a Wood Doll House

The first step to building your own wood doll house is to pick the plans and transfer them on to the materials. This basically means that you need to be able to make the individual parts of the house such as the outer walls, the floors, the inner walls and the roof, according to the scale you pick. Once you have created the skeleton of the house, both inside and outside, you can go ahead and begin furnishing it with accessories that can be bought ready-made from hobby stores or go one step further and make them to scale as well.

If you are looking at lighting up the house, you will need to take care of the wiring as well, making sure that the wiring goes in before everything else.

If you are looking to collect wood doll houses and are on the lookout for models, then your job is considerably easier albeit more expensive. You can easily find a number of wood doll houses on the Internet and even in antique stores while flea markets are the ideal place to go to if you are looking for a bargain.

Depending on the theme of your collection, which can be based on Victorian-style designs of wood doll houses or doll houses made in the 1950's or any such theme, you will need to scour the marketplaces to find decent specimens for your collection. You can, at times, even pick up slightly damaged pieces at cheaper rates and take them home for repair. Basic repair work can fix small issues and make your wood doll house as good as new again.

You are, in both cases, likely to end up with wonderful wood doll houses that are not just brilliant in terms of design and style, but also give you a sense of satisfaction in return for the effort that you have put into making or getting them. Ideal for spending time with your family and friends, building or buying wood doll houses is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages.

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