Doll House Furniture

Doll house furniture is an important part of any beautiful doll house. Available as kits, or as individual pieces, doll house furniture are also popular as collector items, with or without the doll house. The most popular collector's era amongst doll house furniture is the Victorian era, mainly for its intricate workmanship.

Whether you are looking to expand your collection of doll house furniture, or just decorate your doll house, you will need to begin with a theme for your furniture. Collecting with a theme in mind makes your collection more valuable, and your doll house appear more complete and classy. But for those you are not interested in buying readymade doll house furniture, there is the option of doll house furniture kits, which allow you to make your own doll house furniture, with the aid of the basic materials provided in the kits.

Buying Doll House Furniture

In case you are purchasing doll house furniture for you little girl, then opt for durability and safety over style and price. Plastic and wooden doll house furniture is generally the cheapest and the most durable. It also comes in a large variety of styles and colours, appealing to most kids and adults alike. Make sure you are aware of the scale your furniture should be, in order to ensure it fits in perfectly into your doll house. Browse through local toy stores, or hobby stores, or even visit local yard or garage sales to pick up good bargains. Shopping online is another option, where you have a wider range to choose from.

For serious collectors, handmade doll house furniture, usually by dedicated artisans are a valuable addition to any collection. Intricate wooden furniture, or other materials such as silver, ivory, pewter, porcelain and more, are popular collectors' items. Be prepared for the hefty prices some of these pieces command, particularly due to the workmanship involved. These items can generally be found at auctions or dedicated exhibitions by artisans, or even antique stores. Be sure to confirm the authenticity of vintage pieces, particularly those that appear very new and are highly priced.

Apart from doll house furniture, you will need to invest in some handy cleaning equipment, in order to keep you furniture in top shape. Most collectors put up their doll house furniture on display, wherein glass display cases are the best medium. Keep your collection clean, though avoid heavy dusting in order to keep intricate pieces intact, use delicate brushes instead. Also, keep small doll house furniture pieces out of reach of small children and pets, as they could swallow them or hurt themselves in other ways. Subscribe to local collectors magazines, to keep yourself updated about the latest in doll house furniture.

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