Victorian Dolls House

Dating back to 1830s - the Victorian Dolls House!

A Victorian doll's house can be quite a treat for your little girl, as well as her Victorian doll. Despite the theme, Victorian dolls' houses were known to contain a large variety of accessories, giving you a lot of room for creative expression. One of the most popular themes in dollhouses, a Victorian dolls' house dates back to the 1830s, when the Rocco style was at its peak.

Mainly consisting of elaborate ornamentation, curves, shells, light colours and asymmetry, Victorian dolls' houses are very decorative. To make a Victorian dolls' house of your own, you will need to first get your hands on these basic materials. A quarter-inch plywood, sheets of stiff plastic for the windows, Balsa wood, X-acto hobby knife, small nails and paints.

Once you have these basic materials you will need to get hold of a house plan for your Victorian doll house. The Internet is a great resource for free house plans, which can be downloaded and printed. Other sources include the local library and hobby stores. You could also reference several books on the subject such as Make Your Own Victorian House, by Rosemary Lowndes and Claude Krailer, Victorian Dolls' House Proejcts: A Day in the Life, by Christiane Berridge and Miniature Embroidery for the Victorian Dolls' House, by Pamela Warner.

After you have a plan, you simply need to cut out the wood pieces as per the plan. This includes the doors, windows and the walls. You will also need to build a staircase for the house, as Victorian dolls' houses were multi-storeyed. The windows should be cut out of the plastic sheet, and glue them to the inside of the wall. After all the pieces have been cut out you will need to glue them together, as per the plan.

The next step is to paint the house, and apply the dollhouse wallpaper. When choosing the dollhouse wallpaper, you can pick different patterns for different rooms, as the Victorian houses are known for the eclectic styles. Just make sure the patterns do not contain items that belong to a different era, such as cell-phones. Finally you can have a blast accessorizing the inside of the house with any type of item available in that era. A good method is to go through as many Victorian dolls' houses to get an idea of the styling, before you accessorize your own Victorian dolls' house.

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