Victorian Doll House

Collecting authentic Victorian Doll Houses

A Victorian doll house is one of the most popular category of doll houses, especially amongst collectors. Authentic Victorian doll houses are extremely valuable, though it is often more fun to build a Victorian doll house of your own. Ranging from simple to complex in terms of difficulty, you do not need to be a professional doll house maker to build a Victorian doll house, though you will need some experience as they can get quite elaborate.

Designing and accessorizing a Victorian doll house is often the best part of building one, mainly due to the eclectic nature of these buildings. But you do not necessarily have to build a Victorian doll house from scratch from a plan. You could always purchase a completed Victorian doll house, or purchase a dollhouse making kit, doing away with all the extra work. But if you enjoy building doll houses then a Victorian doll house is one of the best houses to build.

You will need to get your hands on a Victorian doll house plan, before you can begin building it. The Internet, the local library and even hobby stores are all great sources for dollhouse plans. Several books such as Victorian Dolls' House Proejcts: A Day in the Life, by Christiane Berridge, Miniature Embroidery for the Victorian Dolls' House, by Pamela Warner and Make Your Own Victorian House, by Rosemary Lowndes and Claude Krailer, are also great aids for those who are building their own Victorian doll house.

Once you have the plan, get all the basic materials required to build the dollhouse. These include Balsa wood, superglue, X-acto hobby knife, nails and thin plastic sheets for the windows. If you are novice builder, choose a simple plan with fewer complications such as elaborate staircases and complicated roofs. Follow the plan for directions on how to cut out the pieces and assemble, in order to complete your Victorian doll house.

After the doll house complete, conduct some research to find out how Victorian doll houses are decorated, and get tips and ideas from the works of popular doll house makers. The Internet is a great source for images of Victorian dolls houses. But building your own Victorian doll house is not enough, you will have to make sure it stays clean and is kept out of direct sunlight, as the paints could fade. If maintained well, you could cherish your Victorian doll house for a long time.

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