Magic Tricks Revealed

The magic tricks revealed in this article are some of the most popular, well known tricks performed. With the dawning of the internet, there are very few secrets anymore, and this includes magicians' secrets. Anyone can search after a performance and, reading a blog or watching a video, see the magic tricks revealed. If a viewer watched a magician closely during the show, he may have watched those magic tricks revealed before his very eyes.

Here are some popular Magic Tricks revealed:


One amazing trick is the act of levitation. An audience watches a street performer seemingly levitate from the ground into a standing position in a chair behind him. It is amazing until we see this series of magic tricks revealed. For this trick to work, the magician must have control over where the audience is standing. They must be directly behind him. He is wearing a pair of pants with a slit down the front, attached to a shoe that will slip off his foot. He theatrically raises his hands in the air, distracting the audience from his feet. Then he pushes his foot out of the slit in his pants and onto the chair. As the audience watches him, he raises himself up onto the chair, with the pants and shoes dangling behind, as if he is levitating. Even with the magic tricks revealed, please note that this illusion takes a great deal of skill and practice, but no magic.

Sawing a Woman in Half

For years, audiences have watched magicians sawing their assistants in half. It is baffling and almost horrifying to watch. There are many variations, but with one explanation we can see all of these magic tricks revealed. The box used is deep and long enough for the assistant to have some freedom of movement. Before the show, a pair of remote-controlled mechanical feet are made with shoes matching those worn by the assistant. When the assistant climbs into the box, she is able to curl up inside, and the magician deftly replaces her feet with the mechanical feet, while the audience is deliberately distracted. The feet move with help from an assistant off-stage using a remote control.

The Blink of an Eye

These two magic tricks revealed are examples of how simple the explanations can be for any trick. However, regardless of the simplicity of the trick, practice is necessary for the magician to be able to distract an entire audience long enough to execute a maneuver. This is why magic is so entertained eve with the magic tricks revealed.

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