Magic Tricks Two

Magic tricks have been performed for centuries. Famous magicians like David Copperfield and Criss Angel have led us to associate magic tricks with fanciful and sometimes glamorous surroundings. Other magicians have performed magic tricks in the guise of clowns, nightclub entertainers, and stage shows. However performed, magic tricks, if done properly, seldom fail to amaze the audience.

Grand Magic Tricks

Harry Houdini was one of the most famous magicians of all time. His magic tricks would be planned and promoted such that they attracted the attention of people from miles around and often entailed his escaping from some seemingly inescapable situation. Houdini's form of magic tricks was as terrifying as it was mystifying.

David Copperfield, a more current magician, is known for his illusions. His magic tricks have been grandly staged and included making buildings and statues disappear. With huge audiences all witnessing his baffling magic tricks at once, his magic tricks seem as though they must be legitimate. It boggles the mind that he can distract and trick so many at once.

Criss Angel, a modern magician who is famous for performing magic tricks with the general public on a popular television series, uses shock and even horror as a venue for his extremely complex magic tricks. Using a combination of illusion and sleight of hand, Angel's magic amazes and terrifies his audience, as his tricks sometimes entail his own injury, or certain death.

The Stage Magician

Unlike these imposing magicians, the stage magician relies on magic tricks of smaller scale, but not necessarily of less awe-inspiring execution. An audience at a Vegas nightclub may be treated to the opportunity to watch a woman transfigured into a tiger or cut into three or more pieces only to be put back together again. The magic tricks performed by stage magicians combine illusion, sleight of hand, and magic gimmicks such as trick cards or balls. Whatever the specialty, the accomplished stage magician did not reach the without hours and hours of practice.

Venues for Magic

Obviously, television and grand-stage entertainment are popular venues for magic performances. However, magicians who are starting out or seeking a career on a smaller scale, can find ample opportunity to perform. Magicians may perform in circuses, at children's shows, at trade shows and corporate meetings. Anywhere there is a need for entertainment, magicians are often one of the first choices. There are very few audiences who will not enjoy sitting and watching a series of amazing magic tricks.

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