Collectible Cookbooks

You like cooking? Get collectible Cookbooks!

Collectible cookbooks are a good start for novice collectors. Easily available and in all styles and price range, collectible cookbooks are never just about the recipes. A passion for food definitely goes a long way in this hobby, and the older they are the more valuable collectible cookbooks get.

Going as far back as the 17th century, cookbooks have been extremely popular throughout history. Not just a housewives best weapon anymore, collectible cookbooks have long outgrown their utility purpose and are now pieces of art. Providing collectors a glimpse into life during a particular period in history, collectible cookbooks come in a large number of styles, so you need to decide one before you can begin. It could be anything, charity cookbooks, or just cookbooks from the 17th or 19th century, or just cookbooks with a lot of art.

After you have decided on the type, you need to first accept the fact that they may not all be in mint condition. Cookbooks have always been heavily used, and hence collectibles from the 18th century or earlier may have a few pages missing or torn. Also the reason you should pick a particular category while collecting is that, it increases the value of your collection. This is of particular use if you are planning to sell your collection.

Another great way of increasing value of a collection of cookbooks could be by adding related items from the same category or time period, such as ads for utensils, or recipes from old newspapers or magazines from that period. The point is to use your imagination, and not limit yourself. The title of the cookbook is never more valuable than the time it belongs to, so an older cookbook is far more valuable than a more recent and popular one.

Just like any other collectible item, collectible cookbooks also need to be in the best shape possible. So when you buy them, make sure they are not in bad shape, and if a little worn out, can be restored to a good degree. Look out for some features such as theme, clear instructions, format, photographs and other personal touches that the author might have given. Also keep careful record of the collection, and photograph them all. This will aid you when you insure you collection, or even give it up for charity.

Whatever be your reason for starting this collection, it is always important to take good care of them, and to always be on a look out for new collectible cookbooks, while travelling.

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