Gardening - Horticulture, Landscaping

The practice of gardening involves growing or cultivating plants in your home or in the area around your home. A part of horticulture, gardening is all about bringing ornamental plants and flowers into your life by specifically planting or "breeding" them in specific patterns and using them to beautify your home. You can grow anything you like and in whatever way you like when you are into gardening, although the general idea is to create a systematic or logical layout where you can, not just enjoy your view but, sit around and give yourself a nice place to just hang-out in.

There are many different kinds of gardens and usually, building one or working in one depends on the kind of space you have. People in cities rarely have space for a garden but those who do like it, even find ways to make a garden on the terrace of their apartment blocks. Others like to have plants around their homes and on their balconies, and while they aren't exactly very elaborate due to lack of space, they are still gardens, in a way. Gardening, however, has always been popular due to the amount of exercise it gives you, while you spend time tending to plants that make you feel fresher and healthier while you tinker around amidst their brilliant aura.

Refining the Practice of Gardening

Gardening has been around since humans were living in caves, although it wasn't as organized or well-planned as it was today. There is evidence to show that humans maintained a plant-based food production process that was normally placed close to river-banks. These gardens would grow wild berries, fruits and other edible things that humans could consume, at the time, and the positioning of these forest gardens and the way humans maintained them was the first known instance of gardening in our lives. The first practice involved finding out the species of plants that were helpful and removing the ones that gave nothing back - what we call today as weeding!

Civilizations came about and began giving these gardens a whole new meaning. From about 1500BC, the Egyptians had already started maintaining gardens for their aesthetic beauty and not for production of food. Farming, which came out of this habit of foraging through forest gardens, became the main source of food and gardens became too small or obsolete. Only those who had the time or the money to tend to them began maintaining gardens but with food being bought from markets, these gardens became nothing but aesthetic value-adds to a home.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are amongst the most famous gardens of the ancient era, the kinds that were brought in to improve the beauty and value of the land it was in. There were many different species that were brought in from other places and introduced into private gardens while laying out symmetrical rows of plants or growing a particular species together, away from the others, led to the beginning of what is known as landscaping, today.

In ancient Rome and in the time of the Assyrians, gardens were also considered a sign of prosperity and that sense of prosperity has continued today, into our modern way of living where only those with the money or time or resources to spend on maintaining a garden do so. Not everyone has a garden and not everyone has space for a garden but if you want a hobby or something to do in your spare time, there is nothing better than spending time in nature and giving your home a whole new look and appearance.

The Realm of Gardening

Putting a plant-box on your studio apartment window is also a form of gardening, although one that doesn't take too much of your time. The kind of gardening you should dwell in is based on two things - the time and the space - available to you. You can set up an indoor garden, which is based around putting potted plants in and around the inside of your house. While everyone cannot have a conservatory around their home, you can just put some potted plants in a corner or place them on your window sill just to add some beauty to your home and purify your air in the process.

You can also choose to have your own greenhouse or conservatory, if you have the space, but make sure that you have the time and money to maintain something like this because the air and temperature might need to be regulated at all times. Bonsai gardening is also another element that might interest you because these shorter versions of big trees are brilliant to look at and give your gardening hobby a completely new angle.

You can also choose to grow your plants in a container of some sort, like container gardening in hanging baskets or inside bottles. They are also perfect to use around the home or outside. Basically, your plants need some fertile soil, some water and some sunlight to grow in - if you can provide that to them inside your home, outside or anywhere that you find suitable, you will be able to create your own garden and add different things to it.

Herb gardening for your kitchen garden or balcony gardening is one of the best ways to maintain a hobby in the restricted environment of an apartment building. There is the possibility of including water features or building aquatic gardens to do some water gardening in your backyard ponds. Basically, growing anything and everything can come under the gardening category and if you are interested in it, there is nothing that can stop you from making your home beautiful with nothing but some basic gardening skills and tips.

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