Balcony Gardening

Grow your own Food on a Balcony!

Are you into balcony gardening? Are you longing for freshly picked food but don't have a garden? Do you love the idea of having your own fresh-to-pick herbs at hand? Fresh herbs can make a flavourful addition to the simplest of foods.

Would you like to try to grow some of you own vegetables & fruit but don't have much time, or experience? Or maybe you've tried before and ended up with lots of pots of tomatoes all ripe at the same time till you didn't know what to do with them. Possibly like us a few years ago; you'd started out with some troughs of beautiful fresh greens, lettuce & herbs but soon they all mysteriously withered & died or got eaten by something else.

Do you want to grow your own food in a small space but don't know how?

Help is at hand!

Yes, growing some fresh fruit, herbs & vegetables is all possible on a balcony or small patio. All it needs is some good planning, a little patience & preparation at the beginning and a little tending during the week. And sometimes knowing the simplest of tips can totally save your little garden & make a huge difference. This is where the experience of other gardeners can be invaluable. And remember to say is your balcony sunny, or windy, does it have salty sea air? What time of day does the sun shine & for how long? Or maybe you don't get much sun.

There are other benefits & incentives to grow your own food with Balcony Gardening:

* You'll be eating foods at their maximum nutrition & eating things in their natural season which is known to be beneficial to your health.
* If you're concerned about pesticides & chemicals & would like to eat organic then you have the satisfaction of being able to choose this option & knowing for sure what has gone into your food.
* It can save money to be able to pick a few of your own fresh herbs, or leaves of lettuce and greens as you need them instead of buying a whole portion in one go. And that bought bunch has already started to lose its freshness from before you brought it home from the greengrocer or supermarket.
* Or maybe you want to do your bit to help the environment by eating locally grown foods & growing some of your own!

We can give you some basic tips & help get you started on how to grow your own food on a balcony. We also invite you to write into us with questions or tips.

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