Diy Kitchen

DIY kitchen projects will range from those that involve installing new kitchens to those that involve simply adding new features to a kitchen that already exists. Some projects will involve plumbing but others won't. Some might involve new electrics, in which case you will usually be well advised to call in a qualified electrician to help you. But a successful DIY kitchen will work according to its design, and this will inevitably include well thought out plumbing as well as safe electricity. So if you are planning a DIY kitchen, be sure to keep all these important factors in mind.

One thing that is certain, you don't need to be a design guru to create a successful kitchen. But it does help if you appreciate, and are reasonably adept at cooking. It also helps if you are aware of the procedures involved in keeping a kitchen clean and healthy. We can't all be five star chefs, but we can all have kitchens that are well planned and well run - and we can all produce good, wholesome food that is safe and healthy to eat.

So what do you want from your DIY Kitchen?

If you're planning it from scratch, remember the much-acclaimed kitchen triangle. Newcomers to kitchen planning often seem surprised because the concept is so, so simple. But just think about it for a minute. The cook's three principal aids are the fridge, sink and stove:

• We store food that deteriorates in fridges;
• We sometimes wash food in the sink before we cook it or eat it; and
• We cook on the stove.

So the three aids are the fridge, the sink and the stove, and we need to get between these three aids quickly and easily. This is why kitchen designers often locate them to form a triangle. But while we need to access all three quickly and easily, we also don't want a fridge and stove together because the one is heating and the other is cooling; and because electricity is involved, water from the sink area shouldn't be splashing around either stoves or fridges. So they also need to be suitably spaced, for example on three different walls.

The other important aspect related to kitchen planning, is traffic through the kitchen. So you need to ask yourself who will be using your kitchen area. While the chef (which may or may not be you) needs to get between the three acknowledged aids, today most of our home kitchens are used by the entire family that lives in the home, as well as friends who visit. So whether you opt for a compact galley kitchen or a huge open-plan kitchen, you need to be sure you know what is involved before you start work on your DIY kitchen.


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