Diy Kitchen Plumbing

DIY kitchen plumbing relates to any kind of plumbing in your kitchen, where you need running water. The most common type of kitchen plumbing involves the kitchen sink, but DIY kitchen plumbing may also involve installing dishwashers, waste disposal units, water filtration systems and even washing machines, if your kitchen doubles as a laundry. The good news is that you only need very basic plumbing skills to be able to tackle most DIY kitchen plumbing projects.

DIY Kitchen Plumbing - What kind of Water? Hot, cold,clean, dirty?

What most DIY kitchen plumbing projects have in common involves providing a clean water supply and a waste water supply to get rid of the dirty water. Whether you're working with a sink, a washing machine or a dishwasher, you need to run the water in, and then when everything is clean, let the water out. This means you will need to identify the hot and cold water supply pipes and any existing waste pipes. You will also need a basic plumbing toolkit and the right fittings for the job. Remember that fixtures and new appliances always come with a user's manual or instruction booklet that will tell you exactly how to install the unit. Make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions before you start work. While the principles of these different DIY kitchen plumbing projects is basically the same, equipment and appliances may vary quite considerably.

Let's start with the kitchen sink. The taps and mixer need to be connected to the water supply pipes, while the sink outlet is attached to a trap which, in turn, is connected to the waste pipe. This leads to a gully and then to the drain outside.

Some sinks may also be fitted with a waste disposal unit, which makes a popular DIY kitchen plumbing project. Waste disposal units enable you to grind, and then dispose of, leftover food and other unwanted items that you can't use to make compost - which is what a lot of people do with peelings and other raw waste. Waste disposal units are particularly popular with people who appreciate the importance of preserving our environment by cutting down on landfill masses and minimizing global warming.

The water we get in our homes isn't always as pure as we would like it to be, and another popular DIY kitchen plumbing project involves fitting a water filtration unit under the sink, so that when you turn on the tap, filtered water pours out of it.

Plumbing in washing machines and dishwashers is also relatively simple, providing you follow the manufacturer's instructions. Usually these appliances are supplied with all the fittings you need, including inlet hoses for hot and cold water, and outlet hoses that may be connected to waste pipes.

So you will see that you don't have to be a qualified plumber to tackle DIY kitchen plumbing.


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