Diy Kitchen Decor

Have a decorating Plan for your DIY Kitchen Decor!

DIY kitchen decor is what will make your kitchen different to your neighbour's, even if you both have exactly the same fixtures and fittings. While it's got quite a lot to do with style, DIY kitchen decor also relates to accessories and window coverings, as well as the colour of walls and possibly floor tiles. It's also got a lot to do with personal taste, so dealing with DIY kitchen decor is a job for anyone who wants to put a special stamp on their kitchen space.

Not everybody decorates their kitchens, but those who do follow the simple rules of any decorating plan. Essential aspects include colour (and remember even white is a colour), pattern and texture. Surface materials will enable you to introduce all three elements to your kitchen. Generally you will find that rough textures that absorb the light and dull colour somewhat will combine to produce a more informal look, ideal in a farmhouse-type kitchen or that of a country cottage. Smooth textures will reflect the light and usually help to create a bright, streamlined effect that is suitable for both the minimalist or modernist look. You can introduce pattern with tiles on the floor or wall or even by using wood-grained cupboards. Blinds and curtains will also introduce pattern to the room.

Colour and contrast will contribute quite a lot to the style of any interior, including the kitchen - depending of course on the effect you want to create. But it's generally wise not to contrast a kitchen colour scheme with colours used in other parts of the house. So don't look at kitchen decor on its own.

Once you have assembled all the basic elements of the room together, you can decorate further. For example you can introduce plants or hang plates on the wall. A wall-mounted spice rack or shelf for cookery books will also become a design element within the kitchen. A bowl of fresh flowers on a kitchen counter or table will also be part of your decor, or perhaps a bowl of fresh fruit. Other decor ideas include ceiling-hung pot racks for storing pots and pans - provided the pots and pans look good - and baskets displaying dried flowers or herbs.

Are you ready for some DIY kitchen decor?


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