Cardboard Model House

A cardboard model house is relatively simpler to make and quite sturdy, as compared to some lesser forms of model house materials like paper. Easy to mould, cut and shape, cardboard model houses are quite popular amongst hobbyists. Along with being quite easy to work with, the primary model house material is quite cheap; making cardboard model houses the hobby-of-choice for many.

Cardboard model houses are made in a similar manner to paper model houses. You need to create your floor plans and blueprints first, followed by drawing out the required designs on the cardboard. Once you have your pieces, you need to cut them out and paste them together and that's it!

Cardboard is relatively easy to cut, although not as easy as paper. You need to ensure that the edges are straight and smooth in order to fit properly without any gaps. Putting the pieces together is quite simple as simple glue can do the trick.

On some occasions, you may find that the piece of cardboard you are using has a paper pasted onto it for colour. On application of glue, this paper cover tends to come off and thus, loosens your structure. Be sure to remove any such coloured paper as you will be colouring your cardboard model house later in any case.

Handling cardboard and moulding it into the required shape is a simple task, which makes building your cardboard model house a cinch. You don't need many tools with scissors being capable enough of covering for all your needs. You may need to employ a cutter at times when scissors become too clumsy to use. Standard glue will do just enough to complete the joining process and is generally adequate.

There are many companies that sell cardboard model house kits where the material in the kit, primarily cardboard, is used for almost the entire construction of the house. These kits are available at almost all hobby stores and the materials can also be bought from craft stores.

Whether you are looking at building cardboard model houses to sell them or simply for your own pleasure, the feeling of seeing something beautiful created with your very own hands is quite unbelievable. Building cardboard model houses also gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time, doing something extremely constructive with your hands. So grab the equipment and head to the basement to create your very own cardboard model house.

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