Model Houses

Model houses are an extraordinary piece of art that are created with care for various reasons. You may have come across model houses if you have worked with an architect, in a museum or simply as a class or college project. Building model houses at home is an extremely tedious task but one that can give you immense pleasure, especially when you see the outcome.

When building a model house, it is extremely important to learn how to build or make a model house. While you can always use the Internet as a reference point, there is a wide selection of books by various specialists which can give you valuable information as well.

The art of making model houses has been around ever since man has constructed buildings for a livelihood. They are an extremely important part of construction services these days as people need to be able to visualize how the house will look as a finished product. There are many people, especially architects, who specialize in building model houses and when starting up on the hobby, it is quite helpful to consult one when learning how to build or make model houses.

Building Model Houses

The first thing to get a hold on is model house materials that will help you build the model house. All model house supplies can be bought from any hobby store while there are many specialist stores that sell model house supplies for architects and hobbyists. There are many model house kits available in stores and even though they are great for starters, they can be quite restrictive in terms of design, shape and even appearance.

To begin with, you need to start with a floor plan for your model house. Once your floor plan is ready, you can begin building your model house with the model house materials that you have purchased. You don't need anything more than basic cutting and measuring tools like knives, scissors, paper-cutters and scales, respectively.

Your model house materials will normally consists of cardboard, plastic or a little bit of wood. Thermocol and rubber are also used for some parts of model houses and it depends mostly on the style you are going for.

Once your model house floor plan is ready, all you need to do is cut out the model house materials into the desired sizes and shapes. Fixing them into place is quite simple as all you need is simple glue. Building your model house from the bottom-up allows you to follow a structured build-format and ensures that everything fits. However, you can also choose to build each floor of your model house separately, fixing them together later. This will require a more precise construction as sizes need to match for the model house to be constructed properly.

Once you have your model house ready, its time for another fun part - decorating it. When building a scale model house you need to ensure that the colours used are accurate, a fact that can be ignored when the model house is not a replica of an existing house. Once you colour your house, you need to add the other essentials such as the surrounding area - a garden, a fountain, etc.

While you can buy artificial miniature trees, bushes and potted plants as part of your model house supplies, you can also use the real deal such as real mud, grass and tiny leaves with branches (for trees). The only drawback in using real plants is that there is a limited lifespan of the greenery that you have used, especially when taken out of the earth where they need to be to flourish.

Building model houses can be quite exciting and although it may seem time consuming at first, you won't even notice how quickly its complete as time goes on. Not only is it a great hobby for you, if you have kids then they will just love the idea of spending time creating a masterpiece. It also allows you to spend some quality family time using your hands for some creative work.

Building model houses is a relatively expensive hobby and depending on how good you want your model house to look, you can go crazy with the model house materials. However, if you are starting off with cheaper materials, then there is no saying as to what level you can take this wonderful hobby to.

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