Top 10 Diy Plumbing Problems

The Top 10 DIY Plumbing Problems to avoid!

In order to get ahead of the game and prevent plumbing problems before they happen, it is best to know what the top 10 DIY plumbing problems really are. Here are the 10 most common plumbing problems that can easily be prevented if you are on the lookout.

1. Clogged Toilet

This is the most common of the top 10 DIY plumbing problems. Many people, especially kids, seem think the toilet is the place to put endless amounts of paper and trash. Most DIY plumbers also have problems with this repair because they don't know which type of plunger to use. Think ahead and you will avoid a lot of headaches.

2. Clogged Sink

A clogged sink is the second most common of the top 10 DIY plumbing problems. This is for the same reason already mentioned with your toilet. The most effective fix for a blocked sink is to remove the trap underneath. You can also use a wire coat hanger or a drain auger to fix this very common problem.

3. Jammed Garbage Disposal

Troubleshooting and repairing common garbage disposal problems is not as difficult as you may think. A common mistake is to never learn about the Allen wrench which is hidden under the sink and inside most garbage disposals. This can be used to easily release most trapped objects.

4. Leaky Sink or Faucet

This is the fourth most common problem for DIY plumbers and it is often be fixed by simply removing the sink drainer and applying some putty or sealant. You can learn more about this in our top 10 DIY solutions article which follows.

5. Leaky Toilet Tank Flush Valve

Number five on the list of DIY plumbing problems can be easily fixed with a handy device called the Fluidmaster "Flusher Fixer." The most common, age old problem of a "toilet that won't flush right" can now be fixed by modern technology in the snap of a finger.

6. Slow leaks around tub or shower grout

After the old tub and shower pans begin to corrode, this problem can really accelerate. It may become more than a common repair and turn into a major, expensive repair if you don't act quickly.

7. Leaky Toilet Seal

Worn and improperly installed seals are the main culprits here. This can also become a big health issue if you don't fix it. If you see this kind of leak, have it repaired immediately.

8. Frozen Pipes

Anyone living up north can move this problem to the top of the list. In cold seasons, all pipes need foam covering to stop them from freezing. If you have pipes that are exposed, make sure and insulate them before the big storm.

9. Broken Water Heater Element

Even though this can break any time, people don't tend to find out about it until it's already too late. If you don't know how to check this, have it checked by a licensed plumber right before winter.

10. Backed Up Sewer Lines

Last on the list, but certainly not the least of your problems, is a backed up sewer line. In the winter, this can be a real disaster. When homeowners forget to check the levels of their septic tank before the winter arrives, they may soon need a very expensive treatment. The plumber will charge a lot to dig though the frozen ground.

Knowing about these top 10 DIY plumbing problems upfront should help you to keep a watch out. It may even save you a very expensive repair in the future!


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