Boat Building

Boat building is a hobby which can get as expensive and huge as one wants it to be. With an extensive array of boat building techniques, materials, styles and much more available, boat building is something you can never stop learning. It has become so popular that there are many institutes that offer courses on it, as well as many entrepreneurs who offer readymade boat plans, which make the construction of the boat much easier. Mainly concerned with the construction of the hull, boat building can be done with either wood, aluminum, ABS, fiberglass or even steel enforced cement. You can choose your medium of construction according to your level of comfort with the substance, as well as your budget.

Boat building Tradition

Each country has its own long tradition of boat building, which dates back deep into history. In fact Chinese boat building dates back to nearly 7,500 years, whereas the Turkish boat building industry goes back 800 years. The Indians on the other hand began boat building nearly 400 years back. North America in particular was known for its superbly crafted canoes, which marked the beginning of the practice of boat building in this region. Canoes were soon modified into kayaks, coracles, which are round boats prevalent in Asia, and then the more commonly known wooden boats, made of sewn planks.

To understand boat building you are required to understand the basic physics behind boats. Boat building can be started at various phases. If you are looking to start from scratch, then steel and wood are good options. You can also get a GRP hull, and deck, and then build it up from there. This is easier and requires much less work. Before you can start building your boat though, you need to create a boat plan. This is a very essential step and needs to be done with extreme precision. If you think that this is too much work, then you can purchase readymade boat plans, as well as other building aids such as boat building videos and books.

Understanding your own potential and starting at the right point is important. Boat building is now a popular hobby, with many week-long courses available that teach you a lot about the subject. A passion for boats and a will to learn is all you need to successfully make your own boat.

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