Aluminum Boat Building

Aluminum Boat building is the easier Way!

Aluminum boat building is a form of boat building that has not only gained in terms of popularity, but has also become an increasingly easier form of building boats as compared to other options. Easy to mould and adequately light & strong, aluminum boat building is a major industry in many parts of the world today. Aluminum boat building has, over the years, taken over the world of garage-boat builds, from wood, as the main material being used today.

There a number of pluses that has been instrumental in making aluminum boat building the preferred mode for building these vessels in your own backyard. The first and foremost reason is the ease of availability. While this may include other issues such as low prices and easy access, it also puts a small light on the "save trees" aspect by sparing wood for these boats you are looking to build.

Aluminum is stronger than steel, on a pound-for-pound scale and the ease of construction, life of the metal as well as wonderful resale value make aluminum the ideal metal for building boats.

Aluminum boat building is quite similar to boats built with other materials although there are certain aspects that will be applicable only in the case of aluminum boat building. For e.g. aluminum is not abrasion-resistant. This means that when using it to make your boat, you will need to be careful about dissimilar metals that are being used on the boat as well. Aluminum is also quite prone to electrolysis, meaning that electrical items & wires need to be put right.

Aluminum boat building is, by nature, a simpler task mainly due to the characteristics of the metal itself. However, if you are accustomed to building wooden boats and are shifting to aluminum, you need to be careful about certain aspects. On the whole, the build process pretty much remains the same.

You find plans, equipment and materials; Lift the shape and design off the plans, on to a full size sheet; start building, cutting and welding each individual part together, much like in a wooden boat. However, that is where the similarities end - the processes. Although the processes sound quite similar, aluminum boat building is vastly different and complex as compared to wooden boat building.

Aluminum is a relatively unstable metal, when used as a hull, primarily due to its light weight. The weight, while an advantage during the build process, can tilt and pitch quite quickly in water. Boats built in steel or wood, especially longer, more beam-like, designs, take longer to pitch or have a gentler roll. However, this is something that can be countered by changing the shape of the aluminum boat, causing lesser use of narrow water planes.

Aluminum boat building is also the preferred mode when strength is the objective in question. Almost 45% lighter than steel, aluminum is more resistant to water organisms than is wood. Aluminum boat building is also relatively cheaper, barring the cost of the tools, which is quite standard.

With a wide variety of designs and a number of other advantages related to the building and construction phase, there are few reasons to not stick to aluminum boat building.

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