South African BBQ kebab snacks

South African BBQ recipe for kebab snacks
A typical South African barbecue - or braai - is a social occasion that is as much about the ambiance and camaraderie as it is about the food. look at, Free Photo Collage Typically everyone, including guests, will be around while the fire also look at, DualSky is lit and while the coals burn down to the right temperature; and often while the fire look at, Free Crochet Pattern is relit because everyone is enjoying each other's company so much they forget about the fire! consider, RC Tank Videos Unlike a regular lunch or dinner party, you can expect a braai to go on for many hours. So if you're the host or hostess think about a South African BBQ recipe for a snack or two, to ensure that your guests don't get overly hungry waiting for the perfect fire; or that they don't get inebriated slugging down sundowners without any food. look at, Curio Display Cases This South African BBQ recipe is for mini lamb kebabs cooked with dried fruit try, Download Magic and basted with a delectable rosemary marinade. We have also included some interesting variations for this South African BBQ recipe.

Because all these mini kebabs cook quickly, you can pop them onto the fire have a look at, Cheap CB Radios as soon as the coals are ready, and leave the main meal to cook. Just remember that you will need to prepare the kebabs the night before so that they can marinate for a good few hours.

1 leg of lamb, boned and cubed
500 g dried apricots
230 g dried apple rings
Salt and freshly ground pepper

for the marinade
2 cups of marinade made by mixing together ½ cup olive oil, 1½ cups dry red wine, 2cloves crushed garlic, 1 small onion chopped, seasoned with freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon freshly chopped rosemary (you can substitute 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary but it won't taste quite the same)

Now all you have to do is to stick two cubes of lamb, two pieces of apricot and two slices of apple onto small wooden , Architectural Model House skewers, alternating the ingredients. Mix the marinade; place consider, South African BBQ Recipes the kebabs in a dish and pour the marinade over them. Refrigerate overnight.

Pat the kebabs dry with paper towel before cooking them on the barbecue for about ten minutes. Baste frequently with the rosemary marinade and season consider, Curio Display Cases with salt and pepper also see, Photography Courses Sydney before serving to your hungry guests and family. also look at, Modern Sculpting

A nice cheap option to leg of lamb is to use cubes of Russian sausage either with dried fruit, have a look at, Mobile CB Radios or with chunks of banana. There is no need to marinade sausage and banana overnight, and you can simply marinate while cooking with three tablespoons of honey added to two tablespoons of fresh or at least pure lemon juice and a pinch of ground ginger.

If you want to serve fish consider, RC Toys instead of meat, fix a cube of firm white fish checkout, How to tune CB Radio (hake is fine, kingklip is better but a lot more expensive and more difficult to come by), tomato have a look at, Birds (little cherry tomatoes why not visit, DIY Kitchen Lighting are ideal), a chunk of green checkout, Gothic Stained Glass Patterns pepper, bacon and a small pickling onion onto each skewer. Marinate overnight, but instead of wine use orange juice, and add some fresh parsley and oregano to the marinade.

Another option which may also be served as a pudding, is to stick pineapple, banana, kiwi fruit consider, Radio Controlled Boat and a strawberry onto skewers and then baste with a mixture of two parts orange juice, one part honey and one part rum or brandy. This is a firm favourite South African BBQ recipe.


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