Wood Carving Cuts

Different kinds of wood carving cuts are important in the process of carving out wood into a desirable shape. There are many standardized cuts that people have used over the years, ensuring that anyone who comes in the hobby isn't left wondering about what needs to be done next. Giving your piece the right kind of look will require you to know different kinds of wood carving cuts but for all you know, you may have already employed them without actually knowing it.

Here is a listing of some of the popular varieties of wood carving cuts that you can employ when working on your pieces.

Perforated Wood Carving Cuts

Perforated wood carving cuts are one of the easiest kinds of cuts to make wherein the final effect is quite rich and elegant. Making these kinds of cuts does not require too much effort and can be done easily by anyone. They were originally made using something called a Buhl-saw but today, there are so many things, including a simple hand-drill even (if you are looking for round perforations), that can be used for the process.

As the name suggests, perforated wood carving cuts are the kind where you make numerous similar-looking cuts into your piece wherein the cuts pass right through the wood. The same pattern of one cut is repeated over and over again, ensuring that there is a mesh, though usually not as fine, created. They are commonly used in wall-hangings, light-holders or as windows, with the perforations allowing the light to seep through.

Fret Wood Carving Cuts

For fret cutting, you start off with something that is called a "horse". What this device is, is a sort of clamp that sits on a table, with a screw that allows you to cramp it onto the work bench. The wood that you are working on will be laid on this horse. Then, the process of cutting itself involves something very interesting and unique, which is about holding the saw perpendicular to the horse and using the other hand to guide the piece along the lines.

The horse has a couple of prongs between which the wood has to be clamped. Every time there is work that needs to be done on another part of the piece, the clamp on the piece is loosened and it is moved around until all the lines have been cut through as needed.

Bold Wood Carving Cuts

One of the most difficult wood carving cuts to master, bold cutting is almost equivalent to creating wooden sculptures as much as it is about carving wood. It takes a lot more time and practice to get this technique right and is usually something that experienced wood carvers and hobbyists move onto once they are confident enough of having spent enough time on other aspects.

The idea of bold wood carving cuts is, as the name suggests, to create bold or flamboyant cuts on wood. These cuts are, thereafter, used either individually or as mounts on each other to create a multi-layered structure that is projects itself on a variety of levels. The idea is to make it appear as if there is a huge amount of symmetry through the layers but that symmetry has been achieved purely by coincidence.

Bold carving is always a lot more interesting to look at but the level of detail and realism is incredible. There are deep cuts, plenty of minute details and usually, the size of these pieces is quite large as compared to the average wood carving pieces you might see or make. In many cases, people even like to take smaller elements and blow them up into larger pieces to create an interesting & exaggerated effect on the piece.

Carving out a Circle

Finally, we come into one of the most interesting ways to make a difficult element in wood carving - the perfect circle. This technique is one of the most commonly used ways of creating a circle and will work without any hassles. You need a table saw and a square piece of wood, and a nail. All you need to do is place your square piece of wood on a sliding table. That wood has to sit in such a way that the table saw blade will be the same distance from your piece's centre as you would want the circle's radius to be.

Then, remove the square and place the nail where the centre of your square piece was, and hammer it in. How, hammer that square onto the piece of wood and make that nail the axis around which the piece rotates. Turn on your saw and carefully cut out the corners of the square, rotating it as you go. Soon, you will have an 8-sided piece instead of your square. Now, repeat the process for each corner that is formed and keep going along, rotating the piece and holding it down until you have your circle.

Wood carving cuts are the best way to get special-cuts or shapes on your pieces. If you are entering this hobby, then you will need to know about these cuts and use them. So take some time out and learn about these wood carving cuts to make your hobby more versatile and enjoyable.

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