Wood Carving Chisels And Gouges

Wood carving chisels and gouges are amongst the most commonly needed tools when you sit down to carve out a block of wood. No matter what your carving subject is and no matter what the size of your final sculpture will be, you will always need wood carving chisels and gouges to give your work the shape it needs. From finer details to bigger and bolder cuts, you will require different varieties of these tools to make sure that you don't miss out on any of the goodness that wood carving has to offer.

The Basic Chisel & Gouge Set

The idea of the most basic wood carving chisels and gouges is that they are designed with regular use in mind. As a result, they will be cheaper, and not as refined as a set with advanced capability-tools might be. If you buy a basic set of chisels, then you will get a couple of straight gouges, a straight chisel, a bent V-tool, a straight skew chisel, and a bent chisel to make the entire set up.

The kind of handle you choose to have with your tools is all about the kind of tools you are comfortable using. You can get the regular kind of long handles that come with regular kitchen knives and so on, or you can get a palm-held tool, which are round handles grasped in the middle of your palm. Both are quite similar in their usage although the main difference would be your own preferences in handling those tools and the size of your hands. If you have larger hands, then the palm-handles will be better to add the kind of detail you need.

The thing about the basic chisel and gouge set is that they are all about making those basic cuts and markings on your wood. They deal with more of the general-detailing side of things and less with the fine-tuning of your work. If you are interested in going into fine details, then you'll need something more!

Chisels and Gouges for Detailing

When you get into the process of adding detail to your sculptures and carvings, you need a finer set of tools that can go into greater detail and depth. That means, you need finer tools, that are sharp and of the right size for smaller details. They are, basically, of the same shape as the regular tools but have smaller profiles or edges to work with. The average kit, if bought as a set, will contain a straight gouge, a straight Viener, straight and bent chisels as well as a straight skew chisel.

To add to this set, you might want to look at a few different sizes for the heads of these wood carving gouges and chisels because the kind of size you need might not come as part of a set. You will need to find the finest tips and the smallest heads to go with everything else. When you are out there looking for these specially chisels and gouges, you will need to head out to the store to look for what's mentioned below.

Special Chisels for Details

When buying wood carving chisels and gouges for detailing that's unique to you, you will need to find something different from a straight chisel. The bevel chisel is another fine tool that helps a lot when it comes to finer detailing while the bent chisel is also something that you can use, in various sizes. You also get some bent chisels with a different kind of corner, to give you that custom cut into the wood. These corners are usually to the right or left side, slightly pulled in for a different kind of cut. These are the basic shapes of the "special" chisels you find in the market and anything beyond this is all about the remaining parts of the chisel and how different they are.

Then there are flat chisels or flat curved chisels where the back of the chisel is completely flat. Then there are curved chisels where the back is slightly bent out, in the form of a curve. There are chisels that come with the front curved, or bent, as well and then there are the bent chisels with the right or left corners turned in. You will also find wood carving chisels that have flat at the back but have the regular chisel shape in the front, and they too come in all the forms mentioned above.

In the gouge department, you will find a similar classification where you get straight gouges, curved gouges and front- or back-bent gouges, which are differentiated in exactly the same ways as the chisels are, above, with each other. You also get grooving gouges just as you get chisels with various patterns like the Swiss pattern, the spade pattern or the Macaroni pattern. Then you have different kinds of handles that you can pick based on your preference and the kind of grip they provide.

Basically, the world of wood carving chisels and gouges is as large as you want it to be. You have so many options to choose from that every single kind of cut or shape that you are looking for, is already available in the stores. In the end, if you want something that you cannot find, then why not head down to the local forgery and get one made for yourself? Chances are, if you are beginning in the hobby then, everything you need, will be taken care of by the wide range and selection of wood carving chisels and gouges out there already!

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