Unique Sand Castle Buildings

Few things make your beach outing more memorable than unique sand castle buildings that blow you away. These intricately designed creations are nothing but a combination of sand and water, but when they are touched by the hands of an experienced or capable sand castle building hobbyist, things can get quite exciting. Anything from the product of an upturned pail to an elaborate Disney castle can be termed as a sand castle but if you are really interested in unique sand castle buildings, then here is a project that you can try your hand on.

Snowmen become Sandmen

If you live near a sandy beach, chances are it doesn't snow out there and that means, you cannot build a snowman here. If, however, you had the opportunity to build one out of sand, following almost the same principles, it would make up for the lack of sand. Children love snowmen and with a few simple tools and techniques, you can replace snow with sand and get going on your little project.

What you need to do is pack your sand tightly into a bucket and keep mixing water into it, packing it in harder and tighter. Once you have it completely tight, you turn your bucket over and place the mound of packed sand onto a level floor. Keep working like this until you have enough sand-blocks to make the diameter of your sandman's lower circle. Then, you start placing your packed sand on top of the bottom layer.

Start stacking up your sand to make it as high as you want your sandman to be. Now, once you have that height, you need to bring out a basic shovel or maybe even a plastic knife - what you are looking for is a tool to slowly and carefully carve away the sand. Effectively, you need to carve out three balls - a big one at the bottom, a slightly smaller one in the middle and the smallest one at the top. Remember, they don't need to be perfect and once you have the balls, you just add in your carrot for a nose, stones for the eyes and arms, scarves, buttons and anything else you might want to complete one of the most unique sand castle buildings you might find.

Adding Delicate Designs to Sand Castle Building

Unique sand castle buildings are called "unique" because they have something that you don't normally see. That could mean building structures that are either completely made of sand, or something that might be of special value to a person or connoisseur of the art-form because of a completely uncharacteristic design element. That element could be the size of the sand castle, the accuracy of a replica-design or, in most cases, the level of detail that goes into the sand castle.

There are some easy ways of designing unique sand castle buildings and these involve accessories like stone jewellery items, sea shells, plants, bird feathers and things that you might find lying about on a beach. Some people also tend to use popsicle sticks, which can be bought in bulk and also in a variety of colours, while others like using things like wire-frames as an armature for a really delicate part of a design.

For unique sand castle buildings, you need to use your imagination and, pretty much, anything that you can get your hands on. Things like building a bridge or a bridge-door for the castle-moat can be made using plastic equipment or toys that can fit into the castle's overall structure. Imagine creating a moat around your castle, pouring water into it, and then using the basic toy and pulley mechanism to integrate a door into your castle, as its entry point.

There are a lot of options that you can use when creating unique sand castle buildings and even though the term used to refer to the art is "sand castle building", it doesn't necessary have to be a "castle". Any building made out of sand or any structure is also known by the same name. There are many competitions that are held around the world, for sand castle building, and even though these competitions are generally meant for professionals, you can also become a part of it.

There are many clubs that you can join too, to enhance your abilities and learn about the finer details of the hobby but when it comes to unique sand castle buildings, there is nothing that you can learn from a book that you cannot learn on your own. All you need to do is head out to the beach with your small pail of tools, and get started with the process of creating special and unique sand castle buildings - that's all!

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