Video Game Collectibles

The Genres and Types of Video Game Collectibles

Video game collectibles are those genres and types of video games that have remained popular over the years despite being outdated. Today, in a world where the Playstations, the Xboxes and the Wiis rule the roost, you can still find space for these wonderful video game collectibles. Truly timeless, collectors still spend hours on these video game collectibles despite having much better options to choose from.

Video game collectibles represent a timeless era that was dominated by simple games played on high performance, for that time, consoles. Whether hand-held or TV-based, these games were the rage and today, they continue to entertain people in their very own subtle way. However, the hobby of collecting video game collectibles is not restricted to the games themselves.

Over the years, most game developing companies have also come out with some interesting memorabilia to allow people to follow the game in other aspects of their lives. Comic books, clothing and mugs are some of the most popular collaterals that came out of the initial video game culture. Some games would become so popular that their characters would end up as cult figures in modern day depictions, such as Pacman.

There are different ways to begin your collection and most of them depend on where your interest lies. You can begin by collecting games based on their genre. Fighting games, sports or logic based games were quite common in those days and there are innumerable choices for everyone in all these categories. You can also look at video game collectibles according to the company or console they were created for. For e.g. you can choose to buy all video games meant for an Atari console or a Nintendo system.

Alternately, you can also pick your video game collectibles on the basis of the company that developed the game, the artist who designed it or the producer. Some games were localized by developers in that they weren't released in all countries. If you can get your hands on games that weren't originally meant to be imported into your country, you can find some extremely valuable additions for your collection.

Video game collectibles also include a wide range of memorabilia that were released with these games. These can be anything from tee-shirts to figurines of characters from these video games. Most of these items were free giveaways with these games when they were originally released but today, they can be quite valuable to collectors and come at decent prices.

Video game collectibles have always been popular amongst fans of video games and there is a heavy demand for these items around the world. There are many clubs that bring together fans of this hobby and allow them to share info as well as trade or buy/sell items for their collections.

While you can choose to laze in your armchair and play these video game collectibles, many people simply choose to let them gather value as they lie unused in their closets. Whatever be your way of enjoying these items, you are assured of hours of fun enjoying the challenging hobby that is video game collectibles.

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