Top 10 Diy Plumbing Solutions

The Top 10 DIY Plumbing Solutions

Of course, prevention is the number one solution to all plumbing problems but accidents do happen and most people are very interested to hear about the top 10 DIY plumbing solutions. Here are some very important details to help you decide if you can repair these problems yourself.

1. Clogged Toilet

Besides prevention, the best of the top 10 DIY plumbing solutions is to know which plunger to use. A toilet plunger actually has a flange inside the main rubber section and it fits better into the toilet bowl. A sink plunger is just a simple plunger with no flange.

2. Clogged Sink

A clogged sink is the second of the top 10 DIY plumbing solutions. The best fix for a blocked sink is to remove the trap underneath or use a wire coat hanger or a drain auger. There is also a device called a taze plunger which will extend down the drain of the sink and remove the clog.

3. Jammed Garbage Disposal

The third of the top 10 DIY plumbing solutions is fixing a jammed garbage disposal. Unplug the disposal or shut off the power at the main breaker. Then find the Allen wrench usually hidden under the sink with most garbage disposals. Put the Allen wrench under the very bottom of the disposal and turn the bolt back and forth. This will usually release the trapped objects.

4. Leaky Sink or Faucet

Fixing a leaky sink or faucet is a bit more complicated than other DIY plumbing solutions unless it's just your drainer that needs some sealant. Instead, you may have to determine if you have a compression, cartridge, ball, or disc-type faucet. Then you will have to carefully remove the parts to find the problem. If it's a loose washer or worn out part, you may be ok. Still, you may still need to call an expert for this.

5. Leaky Toilet Tank Flush Valve

Number five on the list of solutions has to do with that pesky flush valve on the toilet. It can be easily fixed with a handy device called the Fluidmaster "Flusher Fixer." Most flushers are only built to last for two or three years but the Fluidmaster has a five year warranty and usually goes well beyond that time period. Throw out the old one and buy the Fluidmaster.

6. Slow leaks around tub or shower grout

Once you begin to see these slow leaks, the solution is usually with an expert. Tile leaks happen when water seeps through old grout and gets caught in the wall. You can remove the old grout and the tiles yourself. Then if the wall is still solid, you can reattach the tiles and replace the caulk. If the wall is spongy, you'll want to call an expert.

7. Leaky Toilet Seal

This can become a quick health issue if you don't fix it. DIY plumbers can try tightening the bolts that secure the toilet at the base. Pry off the caps and use a wrench to tighten them. Do it slowly because you can crack the toilet's base. If this doesn't help, you may want to call an expert to replace the wax gasket.

8. Frozen Pipes

Aside from prevention, this DIY plumbing solution can become quite difficult. Frozen pipes are often fixed by blowing a hair dryer on the pipe to see if you can get some water to drain out of one of the taps. Think about pipe insulation next time!

9. Broken Water Heater Element

This sounds difficult but, after you do it once, it is very easy. Turn off the power to the heater and drain the water from the tank. A heater element is usually bolted in with four screws. Disconnect the two wires and just remove the element. Then take it to a home improvement store and replace it. If you think this is too difficult, ask the expert to let you watch. Then you won't ever have to pay him again.

10. Backed Up Sewer Lines

Last on the list of top 10 DIY plumbing solutions is a backed up sewer line. DIY plumbers are really getting serious when they try to perform this solution themselves. Still, sometimes chemicals can be flushed through the system to clean it out. If this doesn't work, you can also use an auger to go beneath the concrete cover and find the pipe yourself. You might discover that it's broken and then it's time to call an expert.

Knowing about these top 10 DIY plumbing solutions should help you to determine which things you can fix and which require an expert. It's good to be a DIY plumber but don't go overboard!


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