Stone Jewellery

Since prehistoric times, stone jewellery has been a part of the daily attire of humans, both men and women alike. Depending on their rarity, colour or just the overall shape, these pieces of jewellery are assigned value in the modern jewellery industry. Make no mistake, just because this genre is known as stone jewellery doesn't mean that these are just like the stones you see on the ground around you. In fact, these items are anything but like what you see around you.

In general, stone jewellery is divided into two basic categories - semi-precious stones and precious stone jewellery. It has to be said, though, these terms are mainly things that the commercial jewellery industry has created, rather than being official terms of what is found out there. These classifications are also based on the value of the stone that may not, necessarily be on the same criteria for different stone jewellery items. For e.g. one item's value might be determined by the way it has been cut while another's might be on the basis of the difficulty of acquisition. So, how a stone jewellery item is rated or classified has nothing to do with anything but its value to the commercial buyer or seller.

Precious Stone Jewellery

These are the most expensive kinds of stone jewellery that you can buy in the market today. This category of items contains all those things that are considered to have the highest value and when you go through the list of precious stones, you will find the likes of Diamonds, Opals, Aquamarines, Alexandrite and more in it. A Ruby is also considered a part of the precious stone jewellery list and so is a Sapphire, while Spinels and Topaz also fall into the same category. There are always a few surprising additions to the world of stone jewellery and in the precious stone category, Pearls also fall into that bracket.

Natural pearls are made by salt water Pearl Oysters and freshwater mussels, and are extremely rare. There are many farmed Pearl Oyster versions of the stone moving around the market but they are not the ones that are actually considered to be rare. The ones growing in the wild are extremely hard to come by and if you can get your hands on one of them, there's your retirement plan! Even in the case of diamonds and other stones, there is a refinement process that goes into the stones that have been extracted from the ground.

Depending on the stone and the difficulty of this cutting or refinement process, the value of the stone jewellery will vary. When making actual jewellery out of these precious stones, they always become the main focus of the item and are in the centre of each piece. The rest of the jewellery item is usually designed or built around the main precious stone, giving it the kind of importance it needs.

Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery

The other category of jewellery is the kind that comes from a line of stones that are not considered extremely rare or valuable. These stones, while still more valuable than the regular stones you see around you, are not as expensive or rare in any case. The list of stones that fall into this category is quite large and finding them at local jewellery stores is also quite easy.

A lot more stones find their way into this category and if you are looking for something, you might want to try out something like an Amethyst or Quartz. Jade is another variety of this category of stones while Obsidian, Turquoise, and Dragon Blood Stone are also a part of the category. There are many stones that are native to one part of the world or another, which results in them turning semi-precious from, say, a precious status. For e.g. Amethyst is a stone that was considered to be a precious stone until it large deposits were found in parts of Brazil.

It isn't uncommon to find more than one semi-precious stone as part of a single stone jewellery item. Sometimes, these colourful stones are also part of stone jewellery that has precious stones in it. They may not be considered as the main attractions on those stones but they do add their own value to the value of the stone.

When you get into the hobby of collecting or making stone jewellery, you are likely to start off with the semi-precious stone jewellery category. It is not easy picking up the skill of using semi-precious or precious stones to make jewellery. However, with enough time, you will be able to do that. Until then, try looking into the world of collecting these items for your own collection. Who knows, you could even become an expert at stone jewellery for gemstone programs, books and more!

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