Stone Cutting In Jewellery Making

The art of stone cutting in jewellery making is one of the finest forms of art in the world of jewellery making. You can bring out all you want, in terms of different kinds of stones or metals, but when it comes to the art of fine jewellery making, there is nothing that requires as much skill or expertise as stone cutting in jewellery making. When you get into the hobby, you need to understand that this is one bit that can make or break the value of your stones and, therefore, your jewellery too!

The concept of stone cutting in jewellery making is all about making the entire stone more beautiful. Depending on the kind of stone you have, its size and a lot of other elements, stone cutting techniques and principles will vary. There are many different things that we can use to make our jewellery hobby better and more interesting and this is definitely one thing that will put the icing on the cake. However, stone cutting is a specialist art and one that requires a lot of time and effort to get right. So if you are thinking about getting into this side of jewellery making, then prepare yourself for the long haul.

Gem Stone Cutting Techniques

The concept of cutting gem-stones is called Lapidary, which is something that has been recorded to be around since the 15th century. No one really knows how it was decided to take a stone and cut it down to make it look more beautiful but the general concept is that it was designed to ensure that stones look even better than they do in their natural forms. The concept behind stone cutting is about finding the right angles and nothing more. These angles or sides are added to the stone to control the flow of light through it, therefore, improving the glisten and shine it would have.

The cut became more than just a way of shaping stones into desirable shapes, and became a way of enhancing the value of the stone. While India was known as a hub for stone cutting in jewellery making, the older stone cutting workers were never as careful about their cuts as more modern workers in Europe and earlier stone cutting in jewellery making was all about cutting a stone to fit the kind of casing they were meant to be placed in. However, it wasn't until Ludwig Van Berguen, of Bruges in Belgium, decided to bring in some form of symmetry. He was also the one who found that putting diamonds in cement and rubbing them against one another, the stones could be polished and cut in any way that he chose.

The basic techniques that are involved in cutting and finishing stones for the final setup include things like cleaving, slitting, cutting and polishing. Cleaving is the process of understanding how the "grains" run within a stone. A cleavage is basically the inner structure of a diamond, just like the grains in wood, which determine how a diamond can be cut to prevent breakage. If you cut along the cleavage, you will not shatter the diamond or break it into uneven pieces.

Lead Slowly into Stone Cutting

The whole process of stone cutting in jewellery making starts slowly with the edges being chipped off before the fine-tuning process begins. Diamond dust and oil is used along with a rapidly turning wheel that is used to slowly eat into the stone. This process requires a lot of care and skill because in the end, a wrong cut can completely destroy your stone, which is what makes stone cutting, in jewellery making, one of the most difficult skills to master as well.

You will also find that stone cutting is a lot about specialization and if you are someone who has worked on one kind of stone, it is very different to work on another. Finding out about the cutting style for one stone is a long process and most people tend to spend a lifetime learning about the stone they prefer. Stone cutting in jewellery making is all picking the kind of stone you can work on and, then, slowing finding your way around that stone. You need to spend a lot of time understand each piece because every single stone will be completely different.

Finding the right people to learn stone cutting in jewellery making is very important. If you can find an experienced craftsman, you can join them as an apprentice on their work. Finding a club that teaches you stone cutting in jewellery making, or a class, is very unlikely as it is an expensive product that you work on, and is not affordable for most. So make sure that you find the right people and the right tools to help you get started but before anything else, make sure you have the patience you need to make your experience of stone cutting, in jewellery making, as perfect as can be.

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