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An RC Bike can become the most cherished toy or model for a hobbyist, especially if they come across one of them today. Over the years, radio controlled models have come in various sizes and shapes, mostly large enough to hold the many parts that were required to keep things running. However, things began to change as technology became smaller and realism became the main talking point for hobbyists.

As more power was getting packed into tiny engines, manufacturers turn to the RC Bike, a category that had been grossly neglected so far. Newer technology made it easier to pack stuff into the smaller RC Bike chassis and therefore, the chances of creating a model that people would actually want to buy became quite high. Today, the RC Bike has many definitive features that make it almost as successful as RC cars, despite the relatively late entry into the world of radio controlled toys and models.

Choosing an RC Bike on Performance
If you are a serious hobbyist, then this is one of the most important things for you - performance! How the RC Bike runs, how hit handles, turns, responds, accelerates, slows down, etc. are factors that will help you choose whether you want a particular RC Bike or something else. Most people tend to associate performance with the engine of the RC Bike and while it is a factor, it isn't the only one.

The kind of suspension you have on your RC Bike determines exactly what kind of terrain you can ride it over and, also, how hard can your push it. The suspension on the modern RC Bike is usually made on the same hydraulic principles that a real-life motorcycle is based on. The other factors that come into play, when determining performance, are the quality of the chassis and other parts of the motor.

The chassis is vital especially if you are picking a dirt-bike or planning to run your RC Bike at high speeds. It has to absorb shock well and when the tiny machine is running at full-burst, even a slight slope that you would, otherwise, not even see can become a hazardous speed-bump for the RC Bike. Anything can happen, especially when it comes to high-speed riding, so you want to make sure that your RC Bike has the best and strongest chassis you need. Technology, today, has brought out carbon fibre chassis too, so you can rest assured there is nothing you cannot get should you have the money. Similarly, other parts of the entire RC Bike also play a big role and almost all mechanical parts of the bike can be bought in stronger materials with better craftsmanship.

Choosing the right RC Bike Engine
What is your level of experience in working with an RC Bike? How much do you know about fixing and maintaining an RC Bike? How much time do you have to work with, and fix, an RC Bike? How much control do you have when running RC Bikes? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when you decide to pick an RC Bike. The engine your model will contain will have a lot to do with these questions because you don't want to spend your money on a nitro-powered RC Bike only to realise that your lack of knowledge or time led to the bike getting destroyed, slowly, from the inside.

Basically, there is a simple equation to knowing the kind of engine your RC Bike should have. The key variables are time, knowledge, tools, patience, persistence and experience. If you have a lot of all these elements, then you can look at getting yourself and RC Nitro Bike. If you have a certain degree of competence when it comes to all these elements, then you can get yourself a gas-powered RC Bike. However, if you are a greenhorn or have just stepped into the world of RC Bikes, then you need to start off with electric powered RC Bikes.

Now, experience of working with Nitro engines on cars is quite similar to working with similar engines for bikes, so factors like tools, experience and knowledge are, to a large extent, transferrable from one type of RC Bike engine to another. However, if you are not experienced at working on nitro-engines, then starting off with a gasoline-powered engine is recommended, or may even a higher-end electric-powered RC bike. This is important before you actually step into the dangerous part of the hobby where mistakes can actually lead to accidents that destroy your RC Bike or, worse, cause injury to others around it.

The RC Bike is an extremely exciting addition to the range of RC vehicles available today but make sure you don't get carried away by the designs or engines. Be patient & work your way up the ladder so that the RC Bike can become the next best thing on your radio controlled toy and model cabinet.

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