Collectible Locks And Keys

Collectible locks and keys are extremely interesting collector items, especially as they date back to well beyond the 3rd century AD. Forming a part of many folk tales and historical events, collectible locks and keys are significant reminders of history and events. Though not widely available, collectible locks and keys can still be a profitable hobby for new collectors.

Locks and keys were first available about 4000 years ago in Assyria. Over the years, there have been numerous improvements in the number of pins that were involved as that helped improve the security of the lock. With advancements in technology, different material have come into being and over time, locks have become more secure and sound, if not 100% fool proof.

To begin your collectible locks and keys hobby, it is wise to start looking on the Internet. Chances are quite good for you to find something useful on the web however some people like to feel the collectible lock and key in their hands before shelling out heavy dough for it.

The Age Factor for collectible Locks and Keys

Depending on the age of the collectible lock and key, as well as the era it belongs to, the price of the item may differ. There are many online guides and books that help you understand the pricing structures as well as the reason why they cost what they cost.

Most collectible locks and keys are extremely old and require extreme care as they are extremely prone to corrosion. Corrosion can not only destroy the look of your precious antique but can also eat away the interior mechanism.

It is important to note that a collectible lock and key which still works, is a great buy as compared to one that doesn't work yet.

Some collectible locks and keys are available with inscriptions on them, referring to specific owners, governments or even clubs. These become extremely valuable as do locks that are famous. For e.g. a lock used to keep Nelson Mandela captive will be extremely valuable.

Collectible locks and keys are often auctioned off by large auction houses who believe that they are of significant value mainly due to a famous owner or incident. These auctions can also be a great place to find some valuable pieces to add to your collection.

Once you have started building up your collection, keeping them safe is vital. Moisture of any kind may destroy old metal locks while wooden locks may swell up in humidity or heat. A vacuum glass case is often advised as the best place to keep the lock. That allows you to keep the lock safely as well as display it to those willing to take a walk through your private collection.

Whether you are a serious collector looking to increase your collection or just someone who is looking for a good hobby on the side, collectible locks and keys have something for everyone.

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