Quilt Design

Quilt design is one of the most important things that you need to know when you working on your quilting projects. How you plan your projects and go about working on them is a fabulous indicator of your quilts will end up. Working on quilt design is one of those important aspects that need to be covered if you want to give your projects any chance of attracting the right kind of attention.

Quilt designs are not just about the kind of patterns you put on your quilts. They are about the fabrics you use, the kind of stitching techniques you employ as well as the kind of elements you add on as embellishments. If you are looking for some ideas for designs, then here are some things to help you get started.

Native American Quilt Design

As the name suggests, these designs came out of the native American culture towards the end of the 19th century. As life, for these communities, became more disrupted with modernization, tribes were broken up, formed and dispersed - all of which led to the kind of scenes you see today.

Native American star patterns are the biggest contributions this rich and diverse community has added to the world of quilts. These stars are a connection to the Native American belief of how their ancestors turn into stars in the afterlife. These star patterns hold a special significance in their world and by putting their cultural symbols on quilts, they create something special for the rest of the quilting world to follow.

Seminole Quilt Design

Although this is also a Native American pattern, Seminole is a form of strip piercing work that is based on using strips to create decorative patchwork. The concept basically involves taking long and horizontal strips of cloth and stitching them together to create geometric patterns. Amongst the popular quilt designs of this era, Seminole is quite popular especially because it is also used in creating traditional Native American clothing as well as wall hangings.

Paper Piecing Quilt Design

Paper piecing, especially English paper piecing, is a hand-sewing technique that is the basis of one of the most popular forms of quilt design. When putting together complex pieces at extremely tight angles, you need to use this stitching technique wherein a piece of paper is cut in the exact shape of the fabric that needs to be stitched, and then the fabric is basted onto it. This is followed by placing adjacent units together and stitching the seams together. Finally, when the piece is surrounded by all the shapes that it should have around it, the basting thread is removed and the paper shape is pulled off.

Pinwheel Design

The concept of a pinwheel is quite simple - it is all about putting down your patterns in a pinwheel pattern to create the quilt design you need. What you do is you pick out random pieces of fabrics that you would like to see in your designs, lay them out to form the shape of a pinwheel and start stitching. You can use a small-sized print to do the insides or centre square. Basically, the pinwheel quilt design is a great way of ensuring that you can combine some beautiful appliqué work with regular quilting to put together a beautiful quilt.

Sashing Design

For this kind of design, you need to put your fabric down in the form of sashings wherein 8 sashings are placed across the fabric while 12 of them are placed down. There is one sashing placed in each corner as well. You can try a combination of different types of fabric like using a flannel for the sashing while putting some chenille on the borders to create something more interesting.

Scattered Block Quilt Design

One of the most beautiful quilt designs you will ever see, the scattered block design involves a lot of small blocks that are placed randomly all over the pattern. These blocks can be of any size and, in fact, they can also be of different sizes. All kinds of colours are used for these blocks and that is probably the most attractive part of the design. While you can put these blocks in rows and columns, scattering the colours to vary the pattern, you can also throw them on in absolutely random patterns, without any kind of uniformity anywhere in the design.

In the hobby of making quilts, the biggest attraction is the part where you start on the quilt design. All these designs are just guidelines on what is normally used in the industry. In the end, it is your project and your decision as to what quilt design you will create. Use these to get ideas and go wild when making quilt designs.

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