Quilt Fabric

A quilt fabric is the most essential part of any quilting project and if you are taking one on, then this is the part that you need to be the most careful about. The quilt fabric will decide how the final quilt, you made, looks and it is all about choosing the right kind of fabric with the right kind of characteristics to ensure that you have the perfect quilting project. Whether you are starting off in the hobby or are experienced at making quilts, picking the right quilt fabric requires you to put in a lot of time and effort in understanding the different options available to you.

Every material comes with a list of reasons as to why it is truly special. These materials have been around ever since the time fabrics started making an appearance and most of these materials, even today, are amongst the best things to use in quilting projects. There is a wide range of natural quilt fabrics that are always the first choice for hobbyists although there is a huge market that is shifting towards man-made fabrics as well.

Once you start working on projects and get the hang of the techniques behind the craft, you will need to start working with different kinds of quilt fabric to get a better idea of what suits your style and keeps you interested in the hobby. Here's a look at some of those fabrics that are guaranteed to give you a good enough platform to start quilting.

Cotton Quilt Fabric

Cotton is one of the most common and popular quilt fabrics used in the industry, whether by hobbyists or for commercial production. The fabric is extremely strong and tightly-woven, creating one of the most perfect bases to work with. The kind of colours available in 100% pure cotton is also quite varied, giving you the kind of freedom and flexibility you need with your designs.

Cotton is fantastic when it comes to keeping the original shape while the colour also stays for a long time. That is perfect for quilts because they are generally used for a very long time. Cotton is also the most human-friendly quilt fabric available today, which makes it extremely popular for quilting.

Flannel Quilt Fabric

When making baby quilts, flannel is the quilt fabric that is used for being almost cotton and for also being extremely soft and warm quite naturally. Children have really sensitive skin and that is something parents need to care for. Any kind of harsh cloths may cause harm to your baby so sticking to natural fibres is the best bet. However, even in natural fibres, silk and wool might not always suit the baby so flannel is used as an alternative to all the other materials available today.

Designer Quilt Fabrics

Meant for those specially designed quilts that you are working on, designer quilt fabrics give you the opportunity of creating highly creative quilts with the kind of patterns and designs that people normally find in stores. Without having the commercial production capability or with just the basic technical expertise, designer fabrics allow you to work on some extravagant pieces and not just in the pattern arena, but also in the way the stitches come through the fabric, the way the entire top layer falls as well as the way the batting sits between the layers.

Themed Fabrics

One of the biggest modern day trends in the world of quilt fabrics is the introduction of themed materials. These materials allow you to make something with cloth that is already prepared for something special. They can be anything from fun patterns to extremely detailed designs, and from your favourite artists' works to your favourite comic book heroes. Basically, anything that has a particular theme or pattern, no matter how weird or different, is considered as a themed quilt fabric.

For most people, these are the best things out there because the theme of the fabric, at times, doesn't require you to put in too many pattern-details of your own. All you need to do is make an ordinary quilt by focusing only on the stitching aspects - the rest of the work is taken care of by the theme of the design itself. Normally, if you are looking for themed pattern designs, it can be quite hard for you to find enough material that belongs to the same pattern. Today, however, there are plenty of websites where you can order that material online, ensuring that you never run out of the fabric you need.

Buying quilt fabric has its own techniques and even though you can simply go into a store and buy it over the counter, time and experience will give you knowledge that will become invaluable to your hobby. For e.g. fat quarters are the best way to buy quilt fabric. These are big bundles of material that give you all the quantity you need to work with. Almost all materials are available like this and if you are making quilts, this should give you enough material for your entire project.

Every quilt fabric store has a bargain bucket and if you are patient enough, you can pick up plenty of material from these buckets at dirt cheap rates. In the end, it all comes down to the amount of time and money you are willing to spend on your quilt fabric and if you have enough of both, you are guaranteed to end up with some fine quilts of your own making.

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