Pencil Drawing Birds

Learn how to Draw Birds!

A pencil drawing is a wonderful medium to work in whether you are an inexperienced artist or whether you have been drawing or painting for years. Choosing a subject that you have a natural affinity with will make the whole drawing experience much more productive and successful, and if you like wildlife, birds make for a wonderful subject in pencil drawing. One advantage with a pencil drawing is that your picture can be as detailed as you would like and birds allow for some highly detailed artwork to make their form seem real.

If a bird pencil drawing appeals then check out the following points before commencing:

- First of all and not surprisingly, you need to consider the bird you wish to draw and with so many types to choose from across the world, narrowing the choice down is likely to be the hardest part of the project. Once you have made your decision, consider that all important composition- where in the picture will the bird be placed for example.
- Drawing without considering the composition will only make the pencil drawing appear less well constructed. The composition and setting will make a big difference to the final picture, so taking a little time to consider the full picture will pay dividends.
- It would be useful (especially if not confident with drawing birds) to make some quick sketches first. This will help you to feel more confident when drawing the outline of the bird.
- Once you are happy to start your pencil drawing, just lightly draw the outline of your bird and once you are happy, begin to fill in the details. Assuming which bird you have chosen and whether you are able to view it personally, you may well find it necessary to draw from a good quality photo.
- Pay special attention to the eye area. In any living being, the eye contains so much information about thoughts, feelings and can be uniquely expressive. Take a great deal of time to ensure that the right expression is portrayed.
- Feathers can take a great deal of time to perfect. Again, light strokes with the pencil are recommended, until the technique has been gained. Not every feather has to be drawn, sometimes; shading can be used to great effect.

Understanding the basic anatomy of the bird can really help to ensure that your pencil drawing has a touch of realism about it.

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