Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing - 5 Tips look at, Watercolour Still Life for a Successful Portrait

Pencil Drawing and portraits are projects that most artists attempt at some point; however there are lots of pitfalls to avoid. The following five points depict the most essential areas to focus on. It is important however, to remember that practice makes perfect.

1. With pencil drawing, if you are really keen to learn how to have a look at, DIY Bathroom Repair draw a realistic portrait, then it is worth having a model in front of you so that you can study the model?s face, make lots of quick sketches and try to capture the essence of the model. Try to get the proportions of the model right. If you are planning to draw children or babies, then be aware that their features try, Life Casting tend to be out of proportion due to their growing why not visit, Crochet Hats stages of development.

2. When drawing their hair, take your time. For most people their hair is their crowning feature why not visit, 5 Card Draw Poker and is a major characteristic of your model. Do not be tempted to rush your pencil drawing. Make each strand of hair come alive. Once you have drawn the hair, you can erase some strands with an eraser to show light. , Tea Tree Oil

3. If you are taking a photo of someone, then ensure you are on the same level as them, so that the photo does not depict them looking up at you. Photos will not be as good as drawing from life, but a good photograph can ensure that you can carry on with your drawing after the model has gone. Photos should be a close up of the face in the same angle as your drawing is going to be.

4. Don?t just start your pencil drawing. Take time to plan why not visit, Lemon Oil out the layout of the picture. This is really important. Your model is going to take up a large part of the picture, but what about background scenery? How is your model going to stand or sit? Really plan also see, Geography and Geofiction your composition in detail before starting.

5. Focus intently on the model?s eyes, their expression, notice the light look at, RC Motorbike captured in their iris, and try to capture that light checkout, Easy Origami within the drawing. Eyes can make the picture, so do not rush this stage. Draw all of the features have a look at, Hydro RC Boats with care and do not be afraid to draw freehand, so that your pencil drawing is soft and natural. checkout, Watercolour Still Life

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