Mini Doll House

Why not start with a Mini Doll House!?

A mini doll house is great option for kids who don't want large doll houses to play in, but smaller versions that they can easily move around with. Ideal gifts, or even do-it-yourself projects, a mini doll house can engage people of all ages. There are many ways to get your hands on your own mini doll house, ranging from toy stores to making one yourself.

In order to buy a readymade mini doll house, you can try browsing through several toy stores in your neighbourhood. Another great option is the Internet, where you can find a large variety of mini doll houses, such as a Vermont farmhouse, or a Cottage doll house, or even a rustic barn doll house. This is a great option for people with big budgets as these doll houses can get as expensive as you want.

But if you don't have a big budget, then your second option could be mini doll house making kits. Also available in large varieties, these doll house kits require different levels of skill, depending on the type of doll house you are assembling. Once again, browse through as many mini doll house kits as you can, before you make a purchase. This way you can ensure you get a great deal. The Internet is also a great source for doll house kits, though you need to exercise caution when purchasing items over the Internet.

But if even a mini doll house kit is far out of your budget, you could very easily build a doll house of your own. This task is once again dependant on the type of mini doll house that you wish to build. For a basic mini doll house some basic materials you will need are brushes, nails, hammer, plywood, yard sticks, scissors, pencils and paper, sandpaper, paints and wood glue. Once you have all the basic items you will need, you will need to decide on the scale of your mini doll house. 1 inch per foot is the standard measure, though you can decide on any measure depending on your preference.

Now you will need to sketch out the plan for your doll house. Make sure you create a doll house that matches your skill. So novice doll house makers can opt for single-room, single-floor cottages, while more experienced builders can opt for more complex designs such as a Victorian mini doll house. Remember to spend ample time with the doll house plan, as you will be using this as a guide for your building process. Once the plan is ready, you will then need to cut up the wood as per the plan details and assemble the entire house, using nails and wood glue.

Once you have assembled your mini doll house, you can decorate and accessorize it with paints and furniture. If you are building on a budget, be creative with knick-knacks from around the house, such as fabrics, buttons, ribbons etc. A little bit of creativity and patience will go a long way in ensuring you end up with your dream mini doll house.

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