How To Write Calligraphy

Have the right Tools for Calligraphy writing!

Knowing how to write calligraphy requires you to follow a compilation of steps, which further includes acquiring the right tools and practicing the art of calligraphy lettering. Once you have decided to go along with calligraphy as your hobby, I suppose how to write calligraphy is one of the first questions to have crept inside your head. To begin with, you need to gather all the calligraphy tools and after settling down in a calm and quiet corner of your room, in order to go about practicing various calligraphy fonts using the different calligraphy tools. Calligraphy, which means "beautiful writing", is not that difficult to learn and with considerable practice, you can soon become an expert, and perhaps teach other enthusiasts how to write calligraphy.

To start, you need to get hold of the basic tools of writing calligraphy. You will need a paper, a pen, pencil or brush to write with and ink. It is preferred to start with a pencil and ruled paper, as it will give you a sense of consistency regarding the size of the alphabets. You can either use a pen or a brush, once you are well versed with holding the pencil at particular angles while writing calligraphy. If you are practicing Chinese calligraphy, you can even use a brush, which is the authentic tool used by Chinese calligraphers.

Ink is available in small bottles and comes in a variety of colors. An ink - stick is a common choice for those practicing the original form of Chinese calligraphy. The inkstick is basically, oil soot glued together in the form of a stick, which needs to be grinded against an inkstone filled with water to produce ink. If you are going in for a pen, you need to be aware of the specific types of nibs suitable for particular calligraphy forms and styles. Black color is a common choice for ink although you are free to choose any other color.

Now that you are aware of the tools, you need to practice writing the various calligraphy fonts. You can search online for different calligraphy fonts, based on the style of calligraphy you have chosen to practice. The best option for a novice is to download free fonts from a website and start practicing them. You may end up making mistakes in the beginning so always keep an eraser handy.

Furthermore, taking care of your tools is also an important part of learning how to write calligraphy. After usage, the brushes and pen nibs are to be cleaned with clean water. The ink bottles must not be kept within reach of children or pets.

You can either buy a calligraphy starter kit containing all the tools within or buy separate calligraphy tools from your local hobby store. You can also get hold of books to know more about the art of calligraphy. If possible, search online and go through specific tutorials for your preferred style of calligraphy, to get a more detailed idea of how to write calligraphy.

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