Freeroll Poker

What is Freeroll Poker?

Freeroll poker is a term used to describe a poker tournament where the players are not imposed any entrance fee to join the tournament. Unlike “Pay to Play” tournaments where players are required to “Buy In” to play in the tournament, in Freeroll poker, players do not risk any of their own money to participate in action packed style events like Texas hold em poker tournaments. Normally prizes in Freeroll poker are sponsored and include small cash prizes, merchandises or seats tickets for other prestigious tournaments with larger prizes. Online Casinos usually hold Freeroll poker tournaments as an incentive for players to play at their site.

Because to join a Freeroll poker tournament is free, these types of tournaments usually attract a large number of participants. It is not uncommon for a player to have to face over ten thousand participants in a Freeroll poker tournament. And because they are free, the majority of players that joined Freeroll poker tournaments tend to play fast and loose. For those who wish to get ahead in the tournament really must have the discipline to be patient to overcome the number of participants. In addition, Players must also know how to counter the super aggressive style of game play that is prevalent in the beginning of a Freeroll poker tournament.

As mentioned earlier, a prevalent trait among Freeroll poker players is that they tend to be super aggressive. This is because Freeroll poker cannot be regarded as poker in the true sense. In poker, a player needs to wager his own money to be able to play whereas in Freeroll poker, players do not risk anything at all. This is why Freeroll poker players will play hands that they will normally not play in a “Pay to Play” game. Until the Freeroll poker game's bankroll has reached a critical mass, the normal strategies that one uses in “true” poker games are not applicable.

One strategy that a player can adopt when playing in Freeroll poker is to play it fast and loose like the rest of their opponents. The reason is that everyone else is doing the same. Furthermore, you might be up against players with much more chips than you. These players can really afford to play any pot with fear and will beat you in the end. Thus, your goal is to build up your chips as fast as possible. Even if you lose using this strategy, you are actually not losing anything in Freeroll poker.

Another strategy in Freeroll poker that one can adopt is to play it super tight. This mean unless you have a monster starting hand like K-K or A-A, you might as well fold. Once you have the ideal starting hand, you will then bet aggressively even against those with big stacks. It is highly likely that they will call you unless upping the pot for you to rake in. The ultimate goal here is to build up your stacks through consistent solid game play. As you are not risking anything, you can always try out other strategies that will get you ahead in any of these tournaments. Just remember that Freeroll poker should always be taken for what it is and one should never get carried away in wanting to win every Freeroll poker tournament.

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