Doll House Play

It is play time! Enjoy your Doll House!

A doll house is a perfect toy to play with, for little children, as well as adults. Particularly for little girls, there a million ways that doll house play time can be interesting and engaging. Apart from the usual decorating and accessorizing, doll house play time can also involve creating fictional stories, and enacting them with the dolls within the doll house.

If you are looking for ways to enrich doll house play time for your kids, then some great sources for new ideas are online gaming websites, which provide a multitude of doll house games, which can either be played online, or even on actual doll houses. You can convert doll house play time, into learning time as well, by introducing elements which require your child to learn as they play.

A great way to increase the imagination of your child is to allow them to come with fictional stories, which can have a lesson hidden within. Apart from this, you can spend quality time with your kids, playing with the doll house, and explaining the different aspects of a home and utilities as well as how people behave in certain situations. A great idea is to fill the doll house with dolls representing a family and then enact scenes from your daily life, helping your kid engage more with what is happening around them.

Of course doll house play time would be incomplete without the classic decorating and dress up games. Go shopping with your kids for miniature furniture and other accessories for the doll house, or spend hours building your own miniature furniture. Some great sources for doll house miniatures are local hobby or toy stores, specialized doll house stores, or even the internet. Be careful while purchasing items over the internet, and be sure to confirm the authenticity of the seller before making a purchase.

Another great way to make doll house play time more engaging is to undertake a doll house building project. Purchase a doll house plan for a simple doll house, and build your own doll house from scratch, with your child. This is a great way to teach them about basic building techniques, usage of tools and safety measures required when building something. Further, doll house lighting is another aspect which can teach your kids about the basics of wiring, and the safety precautions to be taken when dealing with electricity. Make sure your child is not too young to understand these concepts, and do not leave your children unsupervised with any tools, or open wires.

Browse through the internet to find out more suggestions on how to make the most of your child's doll house play time.

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