Doll House People

Doll house people are a slightly lesser known aspect of doll houses. Apart from the pretty dolls that fill up the doll houses, some collectors also create entire scenes with their doll house collection, complete with a wide range of doll house people. Some common doll house people include family members, such as mother dolls, father dolls, girl and boy dolls, pedestrians, workers, such as doctors, plumbers, etc and many others.

Even though technically doll house people are also dolls, they are much more basic than collectable dolls and rarely come with too much detailing. Apart from doll house people, you can also collect doll house pets, such as cats, dogs, frogs, turtles and even birds, in order to complete your doll house. Available in a large number of scales, doll house people can be easily found in toy stores, hobby stores, garage or yard sales and even on the internet.

Types of doll house people

Just like collecting dolls, you will need to first decide on a theme for your collection of doll house people. In case you are building a family doll house, you will need to get doll house people representing the members of the family, as well as the people who work there, such as the maid, the nanny etc. Many enthusiasts, fill up their scenes with authentic dolls, which come with heavy detailing, in order to increase the value of their collection.

Once you have decided on the type of doll house people you want, you need to start looking for sources to buy from. In case you are unable to find a particular doll house figure, then cutting out a photograph of the particular person, either from a magazine or a family photo, and then placing it on a stand inside the doll house, is also a great idea. This is a cheaper method and you can give your doll house a customized look, with photo cut-outs of your entire family.

In order to be a successful doll house collector, you will also need to improve your knowledge about the different styles of doll houses, and the different dolls that go within these doll houses. For example if you have a Victorian doll house, you will need to fill it in with doll house people belonging to that era. This means you will have to conduct some research on the type of clothes that were worn in that period, or the type of tools used. This will help give your doll house a more authentic look, and make your collection more interesting. A little bit of research, coupled with some creativity will allow you to choose the best doll house people for your doll house.

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