Diy Bathroom Painting

The Secrets of DIY Bathroom Painting!

DIY bathroom painting may be confined to ceilings, depending on whether the walls of your bathroom are tiled or not. Even if the walls are tiled, DIY bathroom painting could involve walls, if you decided that you wanted to paint the tiles. But whatever the project, to be successful, DIY bathroom painting requires the right materials for the job.

Painting old bathroom tiles can give a tired old room a new lease of life, particularly if you don't have the budget to retile. The secret is to prepare the tiles first so that the top coat of paint doesn't peel off. What you need is a tile primer that will promote adhesion between the tile and the top coat of paint. These usually come in the form of a water-based acrylic paint which means you can then wash your paint brush or roller with water. But it doesn't mean you have to use a water-based top coat. A good quality tile primer may be over-coated with both solvent-based decorative enamels and water-based emulsion paints. A nice glossy enamel will give the impression of tiles. Just remember that if the tiles have a texture, this texture will show through the paint.

If you are painting walls in your bathroom that aren't tiled, choose a paint that is recommended for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Examples include polyurethane enamel that comes in a gel form that doesn't drip when you paint it on. It's perfect for all hard-wearing surfaces and will dry to a smooth semi-gloss surface that will withstand the heat and moisture in the bathroom. You will also be able to scrub it clean. If you prefer working with water-based paints, buy a good quality type that is washable. Some have a finish that is similar to eggshell enamels.

Another option is to use a multi-surface outdoor paint. Although manufactured for outdoor use, a paint of this type works well in bathrooms because of the damp. A good quality type doesn't need a primer for most surfaces.

If you want to paint your ceiling the same colour as the walls, then use exactly the same paint. But if you are keeping your ceiling white, rather use a special ceiling paint. These are manufactured for use on ceilings and usually cost less than good quality wall paints. Look out for one-coat ceiling paint.

Whichever paint you choose for your DIY bathroom painting project, be sure to prepare the wall and ceiling correctly and use a primer if it is called for on the label of the paint you are using. If you follow the instructions you will succeed at DIY bathroom painting.


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