Digital Camera Accessories

Digital Camera Accessories have a huge Range!

Once you have a digital camera and have started using it, you may find that you want to buy various digital camera accessories. These range from tripods and camera cases to additional lenses, if your camera can accommodate these. When we talk about accessories, we mean components that are supplementary to a particular item. So we when we mention digital camera accessories, these include anything and everything that enables us to improve or extend what the camera can do. But when we discuss digital camera accessories in this section, we will also talk about some of the "accessories" or devices that are built into the camera, including the fixed lens, shutter and aperture.

While there are separate articles on each type of accessory for you to read, here is a brief rundown of some of the most important components that can be purchased separately.

First of all, removable lenses.

When you buy photographic equipment, you need to be sure of your needs. While your choice may be completely dependent on budget, a "point and press" or "point and shoot" unit will be inexpensive (even cheap), but the resolution of your pictures will be low. Furthermore, you will only have a fixed lens, possibly with a zoom facility. Mid-range and high-end units are more expensive, but while the quality photograph you will achieve will be relative good, you still won't have the option of separate lenses. If you want to be able to change lenses, you will need to invest in a single lens reflex camera (SLR). D-SLRs are top-of-the-range, with prices ranging from expensive upwards! Generally, the more expensive the unit, the better the resolution you will get. But all have the capacity for interchangeable lenses, which is why the professionals use them.

Another good reason to opt for an SLR, or at least a high-end model, is that you can use accessory flashguns and studio flash equipment with them. While a built in flash will add extra light to brighten a scene or person, it is not a particularly versatile accessory. Accessory flashes, on the other hands, are extremely versatile.

Tripods (with three legs) and monopods (with only one leg) are very useful photographic accessories that we can use to help prevent camera shake. But when you start out, you can also improvise and use a broom or a fixed object like a fence for balance. Once you get a feel for what you are doing, you can decide exactly what you want to buy in terms of digital camera accessories.

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