Connex CB Radio

Connex CB Radio

The Connex CB Radio Series

Lately, Connex CB radio introduced the Connex 4600 series. This heavy-hauling mobile features also see, RC Bulldozer Reviews a built-in two 2SC2290 transistor linear amplifier that will pump try, Trophy Cabinets out 190 to 200 watts PEP on AM. The Connex CB radio 4600 is one of the hottest on the market, and features why not visit, Using Software in Geofiction classic Connex styling and dependability. Packed with the features also look at, 1/43 Scale Diecast you expect from a Connex CB radio, the 4600 boasts the renowned Connex dual echo, 240 channels, switchable talk back, blue checkout, RC Military Planes LED lit meters and channel displays, PA, mike gain and much more. Be one of the first to own this exceptionally powerful and feature-filled radio.

Another great new model is the Connex Export Radio 4300HP. The Connex 4300HP is similar to the 3300HP with more power. consider, Canoe Sprinting - Flatwater Canoe Racing, Sprint Canoe This Connex CB radio outputs roughly 80 to 90 watts PEP on AM from a 20 watt carrier exploiting a cool-running single Toshiba 2SC2290 flange mount transistor for great power look at, Digital Photo and durability. The 4300HP sports all these features consider, English Calligraphy and more: echo, microphone connector, blue , Vegetarian BBQ LED meter and display, on/off switch talkback, variable power, , 1/43 Scale Diecast 240 channels and more - plus the good looks you would expect from a Connex CB radio. For great value without compromising power, try, Collectible Figurines the 4300HP is a first-rate choice.

The Connex 3300 series is likely the most popular value in the line. The Connex CB radio 3300 and 3300HP are some of the best sellers in the entire export radio market. With 50 watts PEP AM you will still have plenty of power , RC Bulldozer Reviews and clarity at the very best price. This Connex CB radio comes with the styling and popular features have a look at, RC Boat Plans that make Connex the name in mobile radio. You get the durable construction and dependable components that have seen many Connex CB radio customers through 10 or more years. Some of the features why not visit, Meta Robot of this great radio are switchable echo, Hi/Low power , RC Model Kits switch, PA, volume squelch, microphone gain, dual final amp transistors, and much more. You receive big radio sound at a small radio price with the Connex CB radio 3300.

With a Connex CB radio you get simply one of the best 10 meter radios in the industry. No matter which model you choose, you can depend on the quality coming through loud and clear. The purchase of a Connex radio is a wise investment that will return many years of superior performance. Powerful, feature checkout, Radio Controlled Construction Models filled, and a great eye-catcher in your cab, a Connex CB radio always keys up to value.

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